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Spring Life In The Garden.

A Bit About Us

Me and mine are me, Louise, hubs, Jon, and our two little men. Not so little now, they are fully integrated with the Welsh language thanks to all their hard work at the Caonolfen in Felinfach. 

Jon has worked in doors and out in various occupations and now works at the local Saw Mill which is a very convenient 10 minutes from the house. Never work shy, he said this was the hardest job he'd ever done when he started but now really enjoys it. This is probably because if he behaves himself we can have as many log cut offs as we want and possible access to some small scale land equipment, diggers etc.

I worked up to when I was six months pregnant with our first and have been the big toe of our family, as Jon calls me now and then, ever since apart from my brief return to part-time work just before Jon got his full time job.

As a couple we lived in London then Cheshire where we had a small tourist restaurant / cafe business. After selling up we bought a property in need of renovation in semi-rural Greater Manchester which Jon did the work on. We lived there for 7 years but in the back of our mind for along time we wanted to move somewhere very different but didn't know where.

Jon loves making things out of things, like the table, benches and island for our kitchen from the old decking, but things for outside, too. When we play the lottery game he always said he'd just like to potter and restore classic cars!

Me, I love baking and really enjoy cooking. I am still a novice at sewing but enjoy it and hope to do more when I have some proper space, but for now I use the ample space at the kitchen table.

Most of you know the trials and tribulations we had to actually get to where we are now, 13 miles from Aber. Along with the house we have a large field which is about four acres, we have lots of plans, most of which will not come into fruition for over a year, but we are very excited about the future so I hope to be able to share things with you, dear members of blogland, as they happen.

So that is us. xx


  1. Oh Goodness Louise I am so glad you popped over to mine so I can share your journey :-) I cant wait to go and find some more posts you have written I am off to find them now. It sounds like we are both on the same life path this year and I am as excited for you as I am for myself :-) dee xx

  2. Thank you. Eeek, how fun to share excitement! Lou.xx

  3. Only just found your blog and it looks so very interesting - looking forward to reading more of it. I noticed that Dee had commented from Hazlemere. I love Dee's blog and tried to comment but she didn't have an anonymous option (and it is the only way I seem to be able to comment, plus I am at work!!). If she read this, I think her cottage is wonderful and I have waited with baited breath since her November post for the next update. Thank you, regards, Louise, Cheshire.

    1. Thanks and I hope you continue to visit. I hope Dee reads this.

    2. Have you found another way instead of being anonymous yet?


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