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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Dw i'n hoffi garddio - I Love Gardening!

Oh boy oh boy what a weekend that was!

The weather was bloomin' glorious from Saturday until yesterday - not the same today by any stretch but still pleasant, and secretly a touch of rain would be good! Although I've had other things to do like welcoming Airbnb guests on Saturday afternoon, popping over to our local, annual plant sale and running the boys around I got out to work on my little patch of paradise and its been absolutely fab, really!

Over the weekend I've managed to put more compost in one of the massive tyres, in which I've now planted 12 of my Cara main crop spuds, and done a bit of mixed planting by putting in swede with red 'n' green salad bowl leaves in the main patch. I finally have the pea netting up on both sides of the frame, yay! (so promise I'll stop going on about it now) along with willow at the ends for the sweet peas - a few of them I have out out but more are almost ready to go out.

I had a good tidy up in the Poly House. Just because I'm going for the al fresco look it doesn't mean I don't have to keep it tidy....

At least I have a cracking view of everything!! Whilst having a tidy up I dried all the polythene I'd been using to cover everything up in the winter,

folded it up and it now lives in a couple of compost bags to keep dry until need it again.

Also I've been keeping two strawberry plants in the conservatory, as you may have seen, and I figured it was time to get them outside so I've made use of a shopping bag that is just a ridiculous size so here is how I have utilised it.

Jon was unable to cut the grass as the guests were enjoying sunbathing in the sun but we hope to get that done soon. Likewise I have a bit of strimmer tidying up to do - oh the joys of good weather and how it makes you want to just DO STUFF!

Talking to Tracy over the weekend we could almost see each other's smiles through the What's App because we were having so much fun just being outside in the sun doing what we love. 

I completely understand how gardening can be an aid to those struggling with mental health issues. I myself can feel the endorphins being let loose as I spend time outside, loving giving it a go,seeing how things grow and being excited about looking forward to enjoying the fruits, and veg, of my labour and my achievements later in the year.

Hope everyone had as much fun as me whilst making the best of the lovely weather. 

Today is an indoor jobs day. Bread is on the go, vacuuming everywhere is on the to do list because things, as expected, were neglected over the weekend but, hey, whatever.

Bye for now.



  1. We lived outside for three days, perfect all that vitamin D, tomorrow I have housework to do, the place is so dusty.

  2. Hi Marlene. Wasn't it just glorious. I know exactly what you mean about the dust.


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