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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Thursday, 22 March 2018

This And That Really...


A couple of things going on these last few days. I had a box of cranberries I bought in December still in the freezer so thought it would just about make a jar of sauce to add to the cellar store room shelves. I had everything I needed luckily, apart from port so I use a glug of cooking red instead.

It just made a good far full plus a little extra to eat up.....

Outside I grabbed my secateurs and FINALLY pruned the raspberry canes and the blackcurrant bush. To be honest not all the raspberry canes are looking super healthy but we'll see what happens....

This is the blackcurrant, only have the one;

I think it looks much better now the dead parts have gone...

and it has some lovely new shoots on it, too.

The sheep have really enjoyed being out in the garden but don't get too close to the chicken enclosure!

I'm enjoying watching Gardeners' World again, normally on catch up at lunch time. Love The Don's "Jobs For The Weekend" spot toward the end of the show as it inspires me to get out and do something! I've sorted the seeds out that I hope to sow by the beginning of next week; these are tomatoes, sweet peas and some wild flowers - failed miserably with the last items last year so giving it another go to add a bit of colour to the garden. The seeds will go in the conservatory so I'm pleased the lambs are outside apart from when we feed them as there is no chance of damage to them, or the spuds that are in there chitting, now they are both quite bit; I think they should be going into our neighbour's field full time at the weekend but we'll still bottle feed them for a couple of weeks more.

I also have the rhubarb crown I acquired from my neighbour who works at the local nursery; I think I've decided on the spot where to put it and this will require some clearing, de-stoning and digging; it is close to the spot where my wild garlic grew last year. (That is a bone of contention, though, as we had some clearing done in that area and I cannot see it coming up just get but hope it survives.)The crown is only just showing above the top of the soil so is this too early to cover over to force? - never grown it before. Jon's gran used to have rhubarb growing out of her compost heap so I get the idea they are not always too fussy about where you site them! If you saw my post about Kim Stoddart you will understand that I am trying new things and being a bit rogue in the garden. 

The days here have been a bit nippy but dry which is good, for now, but the next week is forecast to be wet with the chance of sleet and light snow showers over the Easter. I do hope it is not too heavy as we have guests in the Airbnb room for three days over that weekend.

Ok, that is a nice little ramble for a Thursday morning. One more brew and then I'll get on with something.

Bye for now.



  1. You should not harvest rhubarb the year you plant it.

    1. Thanks for that very prompt comment Marlene! I didn't think I could but thought it might be used as a tool to bring it on a little quicker.x

  2. It looks like spring has arrived and its time for the garden to wake up again, a bit later than normal but I am sure it will all soon romp away, I have a rhubarb dont know why as I dont like rhubarb last year I was picking so much of the stuff I couldnt give it away .

    1. Ha, funny. The year before last our neighbour gave us lots but his didn't do well last year so looking forward to having our own.

  3. Rhubarb is one of my favourite things!! Don’t force it for a couple of years though Lou and depending on the variety I wouldn’t pick it either as Marlene says. I say depending on the variety as I have some timperly early I think it’s called and that took over in its first year! Amazing stuff. It can be used in so many things, worth waiting for. The lambs are doing fab in the photo, a while ago I know but catching up as you know. Your black currant bush is looking well and the shoots are a sign of things to come. Makes it worth it. We’re netting ours again this year so the birds done beat us to it. My raspberries look dead but they soon put on new growth. Don’t worry x

  4. Thanks all for the rhubarb advice. Nearly done with the lambing now. Can't wait for fruit this year; more than last hopefully.x


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