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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Saturday, 3 March 2018

The Snow Came On Thursday at Teatime.

We had snow!

This arrived on Thursday at around teatime. It continued overnight with a little more on Friday but not much.

Now, Saturday, the temp has gone up to 2 degrees when before we were at about -9! It is melting but we have big drifts left because of the ferocious winds so they will take a day or two to go.

13 miles down the road in Aber you would not have thought two places could be so different weather wise. In the shops today the shelves were empty of lots of things because deliveries could not get through.

In other news Jon has been helping our elderly sheep-farming neighbour with lambing and brought a little visitor into the house....

It was one of twins and the mother had left it to fend for itself and got separated from the main flock. We are bottle feeding it for a couple of days in the house and then we will keep it in the shed and let it go outside before it is returned to the flock.The boys think it is very cute but totally understand that she is not a pet.

It is much better now....

and will be spending the night in the conservatory.

I love that Jon is able to get involved by helping our neighbour during lambing and that we helped prevent this little one from perishing; part of us living our dream here in Wales.

Bye for now.



  1. I'm glad you didn't have too much snow. A friend showed pictures of the lanes near her (Herefordshire) and ittruly was like Siberia! 7 feet deep - and cars buried beneath the drifts.

    How lovely to have the wee lamb to bottle feed. We had one once too - poor Willow (Whippet) lost his bed to it!

    I am not surprised the shelves were empty in Aber - I can imagine folk bought more bread and milk than they needed in panic. We did a little shop last Monday - some milk, cat food and fresh fruit and vegetables. As I make my own bread, no panic buying there!

  2. I’m cold just looking at those photo Lou, but have to say how pretty are they!! I do love the snow, but not in March. I am over it now and ready to sow seeds and dog beds over. It seems a far cry away at the moment. The lamb is ridiculously cute and so pleased you guys are there to help out. I bet the guy feel very lucky to have you all close by. Xx

    1. It was ridiculously cold, never known it so! I too cannot wait for different weather. Mansel is very grateful to Jon and the boys are loving getting involved. It is Harry's turn tomorrow morning.x


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