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Monday, 19 March 2018

Lambing Update and a Little Garden Prep.


We are looking after orphan lamb number two; this one is a little younger than Baa Bach - here he is.

They are keeping each other company quite well; this was taken before the snow!

We are feeding them both and Baa Bach is a thumper only being two weeks old last Friday. She is looking after the younger one; his mum died and her mum abandoned her after her twin died so they are a proper pair of buddies now.

Still a few weeks to go before they go back into the flock as 'regular' sheep but they are enjoying being out in the garden; they have a pen in the shed for night times and pop in and out of the shed during the day when Jon is home, too.

In other news I have done something in the garden, BS, before snow that is! I have taken the top off the cold frame that was behind the Poly House as I decided to change it into another regular bed; it was storm damaged so it seemed a good time to sort it out before, hopefully, the bad weather finishes...

I took the front cover off; decided to leave the frame bit as good for leaning on when working on it!

I gave it a good digging over and weeding, not much to take out luckily, then added some fresh compost.


Can't wait to make some good use of it, sooooon!

Bye for now.


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  1. That’s a great idea to leave it to lean on. The only thing with my raised beds is I can’t reach be middle without leaning and that would be ideal! X


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