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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Random Bits and Pieces


Today is Dydd Santes Dwynwen, the Welsh version of Sta Valentines Day. Here is her story.

Other things going on around our little homestead are a few signs of Spring. I left some daffs and hyacinths in pots in the Poly House over Winter and they are showing signs of life.

The strawberries that were sitting outside are looking ok, too.

Obviously nothing can actually be classed as being IN the greenhouse with the amount of natural ventilation it is getting at the moment!

The sink outside the Poly House has been tidied up and looking good for the coming months.

I need to sort out the old loo on the other side of the door and sow some new seeds when the time comes and also hope to put some rosemary in.  

Jon was at Charlie's recently and he came home with these boot for me which were in the sale at £9. They are a size bigger than my feet but with a good pair of socks they will be great. My walking boots which I live in are starting to fade so these will help, but a bit big for driving in!

The beginning of sowing and growing is here as my seed potatoes have arrived from Thompson and Morgan; always fabulous service from T and M - I'll be putting these to chit next week.

A variety you can't see close up is Vizelle. They are a brand new early maincrop, a miniature early potato which apparently have a good yield and flavour.

I have gone for Arran Pilot 1st earlies as I liked them last year and Cara as they were a recommended variety and are a new one to try.

Jazzy are a 2nd early and Tracy is trying these this year, too, so look forward to comparing results! I have Charlotte 2ns earlies, of course, you can't not have some of these - were an offer from GYO magazine came with....

three growing bags and some incredicrop.

And with the order I got another offer of seeds if I ordered something I think or it might have just been a special price; always good to have a few spare seeds.

Also outside there are signs of life; here is my Lautrec garlic...

and the beginnings of White Radar onions.


  1. I hope the spuds do well, looking forward to comparing results. Your garlic is coming on great guns, mine is not even half that yet but it’ll get there. I’ve just ordered my tomato seeds which are the start of the ones I will use to keep seed from. Your boots were a bargain!!! Xx

  2. That will be fab to retain your best, own tomato seeds. Yes the booty bargain was great!x

  3. I bought seed potatoes from Wilko today, 2 bags of 5 potatoes for £2. I could get a large bag of pots for £2.75 but it would have been too many. I've got some supermarket spuds that have chitted so they'll go out too.

    1. Ooh this is like we are having a proper conversation, Tania! I'm looking forward to trying the new varieties. I'm determined to have a good spud harvest this year after losing my main crop and Christmas ones to blight.


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