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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Monday, 27 November 2017

Stir It Up Sunday And Practice Christmas.

Good morning.

Yesterday was Stir It Up Sunday when traditionally puddings etc are made. Well I have already made my cake but I did make my mincemeat. I made it with a base of three packets of suet and for a change I added some dried figs - my new fav fresh fruit so thought why not.

I've made extra to use up some of my suet surplus so this is how it worked out.

I have never cooked my mincemeat but did do this time and i have to admit that as the suet melted and coated the dried fruit it made it plump up and the cooking definitely added to the flavour of the mix. 

Not sure how much I made but it was a lot - some jars are big! I was one jar short so there is some in the plastic container in the fridge which might get use in the next couple of days.

It looks a bit funny where the the suet is showing white but I am assured that is ok.

In the last week or so you know I have been getting round to some Christmas papercrafting. Well, I have begun two little projects which is some mini bunting/Christmas garlands. 

These are about an inch and a little more square in size and are taken from the cover of the 12" x 12" papers I bought - waste not want not! 

The second lot are toppers from cards we have received, stickers put onto card and anything else I had in stock that was the right size. I'll string them together but I haven't decided where to put them yet.

I am starting to feel ridiculously Christmassy and I blame Tracy to be honest - but for that I am grateful! Also this weekend we had a kind of pre-Christmas Christmas when Jon's cousin and her fella came to stay. We were presented with gifts to play and eat in this wonderful case/box - I LOVE it! 

We opened it on Friday night/Christmas Eve playing Quizoo, where you have to guess tunes each of you are playing in a kazoo. On Saturday evening we had turkey dinner, well chicken Thai curry, and crackers then played Pictionary. Sunday was out for coffee and a mince pie on Sunday/Boxing day. Just a fabulously, lovely relaxed time and our ideal kind of Christmas.

We've ordered a three-pack of Christmas DVDs and can't wait to start watching those on Sunday afternoon. Friday,1st December, is D Day, Decoration Day, but I think I'll be sneaking a few out tomorrow as the weekend present box came complete with some lovely silver and blue tinsel and lights.

This week I'm starting niggly little cleaning jobs before the main decorations go up. This includes paintwork behind sofas and tables plus bookshelves needing a proper dusting and tidied out in readiness for greenery to be brought in and placed on top of the cupboards etc.

Since I began writing this a few other things have happened. My eldest has come down with a cracking cough so we are off the doctor shortly, therefore the other is suffering with a bit of lacking in attention issue but have that sorted now I think. Also, my mum has managed to fall over and banged her head and broke a bone in her thigh; she will be flat on her back in hospital for some time I think and her dementia will be a challenge for the nurses... We are also visiting Jon's dad who is due to have a heart valve replacement op today so Jon is off to Nantwich on Saturday morning and I will be staying home as we have an Airbnb booking that night! It never rains, however that is exactly what it has been doing A LOT lately, thought not just now!


Hate ending a post on doom n gloom but I'm determined not to let it put a downer on things.

Hope you all had a good weekend and look forward to seeing what you have been getting up to.

Bye for now.



  1. That Mincemeat looks great. I am sure you can make a Mincemeat cake with the leftover bits - shout if you need a recipe as it's something I make regularly with mine.

    Gosh, lots of family worries right now but glad to hear that your mum didn't break a leg after all. I hope that your dad's heart operation goes well for him. Having just spent 24 hours having mine monitored, I know how the Cardiac ward works and they were spot on with everything - even though having your BP checked every 2 hours through the night isn't conducive to a good night's sleep!!

    I love the sound of all your Christmas preparations. We wait until half way through December now the kids are grown up and living away from home. I think I would get tired of the decorations before the Big Day (miserable old so and so aren't I?!!!)

    I have got two cracking Jigsaws to do though and need to try another Scrabble game as I have managed to "lose" the board of ours. How I did that I'll never know. I will buy another game and then find it, that's for sure!

    1. Thanks for your kind words, BB. Just read your post before replying to this. Father in Law's op has been put back to tomorrow. I would keep the tiles from the Scrabble game to use for craft projects but that is just me! My mum used to make what we called a Matrimony Pie with
      left-over mincemeat, is that something you are familiar with?x

  2. Glad to hear your mom didn't break any bones and hope that FIL's op goes well. Elderly parents are always a worry.
    Your mincemeat looks delicious in the pans. I have a 'thing' about suet, just thinking about it makes me gag!! I made a suetless mincemeat last year and it is delicious. It's a bit of a different recipe as it has cranberries and maple syrup in it. I made some tarts with it and added chocolate chips-sooooooo good!!!

    1. Thanks for that Janice. Oooh anything with cranberries is a winner for my but I don't normally put them in my mincepies. I sometimes like to put a pecan nut just in the middle of the mixture though. I don't put full tops on them but tend to cut out holly leaves and stars instead - more meat than pie for me! Now choc chips....?!

  3. Do pleased no broken bones. Your mincemeat looks delicious and it's my absolute favourite. I do add extra apple to mine to reduce the calories then I can have more mince pies! I'm more Christmassy this year. I want some new tree decorations, I've put it off for years but I'll have to head to the shops!

    1. Go Tinsel Tania!!Thanks for your kind words.x

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  4. So sorry for the late reply to this bit of course we speak daily so not a problem 😂. The mincemeat looks fabulous and pleased the cooking worked out. It all comes at once with injuries and hard times doesn’t it. Your positivity will see you through I am sure. If not, we all will! It’s lovely to get snippets of what’s happening with everyone on blog land and I have to say, even when you feel you’re being a downer, you don’t come across as that in your posts.
    Can’t wait to see what else you have planned for December xx

    1. (Yes, LOVE our daily chats.) Thanks for your kind words, as always. I always try to be positive and keep it real, I would never want people to think that I think our life is perfect and without its ups and downs. I look forward to sharing more festive fun.xx


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