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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Storm Damage - Aaarggh!

Good afternoon.

I have finally got round the taking some photos of the Poly House after the recent bad weather.

The rain, lashing down as it did,has caused quite a lot of damage. This is damage which will not be mended very soon as the contents of the PH are diminishing with the end of the season but also because Jon is very busy with all his spare time getting the second Airbnb room finished - oh I think I have a few photos of the first stages.

The very start and needing to keep the door open until the electrics are in to shed some light on the proceedings.


Jon has been collecting/acquiring windows for various projects we have planned so he made a lovely wooden frame for this one. As it so high up it doesn't need to be frosted.

Sink and toilet are in possible position before pipework is done then they'll be set in place.


The shower tray has been put in place and the stud walls are up.

More photos of the next stages soon.

Now these are photos of the main damage from the far end of the PH looking from the door... these were taken earlier today and you can see for a change we have beautiful weather here!

left hand side from the door....

and again the left side. Obviously that was the direction of most of the wind.

The cold frame has suffered a bit, too.

My seedlings in the Poly House are close to wanting to be panted out soon so i guess they will survive until then. 

But in other news, I went to my Slimming World group last night in the hope that I had lost just .5lb to get to my target weight and ......

Yay!!!! I did it. I have lost 2 stone 10.5 lbs 
since I began the first week of February.

I am chuffed beyond words. Now I must maintain by not getting complacent and still making good choices. I do know for sure that a lot of the things I have eaten to lose weight I will continue to eat because I like them and I know the choices I have made and continue to make are good for me.

It is my birthday soon so I am looking forward to maybe having a special meal or when we have friends coming to stay in a couple of weeks. I lived across the hall from Alex in London for a couple of years, she was a witness at our wedding 12 years ago, the next time we saw her was at Alfie's first birthday 9 years ago and the most recent time was last October so we are very excited about welcoming her, and her fella!

Right that is my ramblings for today.

Bye for now.



  1. Sorry to see the poly house has taken a beating but I'm sure when you're ready it'll be up and running if that's what you want. Massive congratulations again on the slimming world achievement, I bet they put you on their board as an incentive for people like me xx

    1. Oh Jon will make sure it will be up and running again in time for next years seed sowing.Thank you again about my target. You'll get there.xx

  2. Oh thats a bummer with the poly house, Jon is doing such fab work on the new room, have a great time with your visitors we had lots of friends to stay this past week, its great to catch up with them.

    1. I know, a real pain! Jon's pal from work is coming over tonight to help him get the large pieces of plaster board up. Saving grace is that the sweet potatoes should be ok until they can be taken up and those are the only things I need to be concerned with thankfully.

  3. Congrats on meeting your goal, you have been so committed to your weight loss. What a shame about the poly house but I'm sure you'll get it all fixed soon!

    1. Thank you very much Janice. Poly House will come round!

  4. Congratulations on your fantastic weight loss. I'm finding maintenance harder!

    1. Thanks Tania. I lost a pound last week! We'll see what happens on Monday!


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