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Autumn - Love It!

Friday, 4 August 2017

Happily On Our Homestead, Once Again.

Hello hello!

We were home from our holiday early Wednesday evening and cannot be happier. 
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It will be our last trip abroad as we have come to the conclusion, after feeling it for some time, that we are happier at home and to travel in the UK for our holidays. The weather for us was too hot, high 30's and over 40 one day. The boys were in and out of the water but they can do that at home in the river down the road; they are happy to be home, too.

Onto positive things, my sowing and growing were looked after by our kind neighbours and on coming home I couldn't wait to see what had been going on in the Poly House and outside.

Well, I had a jungle in the Poly House where some of the tomatoes had ripened, not loads but some, I had four huge gherkins so looking for a recipe to long-term preserve those if anybody has any ideas? There were carrots, salad blue potatoes - thanks chic - well see here my little harvest.

Last night Jon made us a wonderful chicken and veg broth with all our own veg and herbs and it was delicious. So satisfying - wish it could have been our chicken, but one day.

Today I tied up the dried onions; great to have red, white and brown ones.

Some that have no tops on them to tie up have been taken to the kitchen and others left down stairs.

I also took up the garlic. 

There was just no time to do it before we went away; due to the rain last night the soil was a bit cloggy therefore I think they will need a good few weeks to dry out.

I bought a lovey basket on holiday to store the finished product in the cellar room; I figure it will let the air circulate very well.

These photos are a bit random but I took them before the holiday and didn't have time to post them. Jon has been working very hard getting the grass in the garden looking smart as visitors are booking for the Airbnb room.

Talking of the room, by the time we came home we had two bookings for the room and two more came in yesterday! (I try not to think of how many bookings we could have had if we hadn't gone away!) Jon is getting everything gathered together so he can start work on the next room very soon - looks like we are going to need it!

Right, I have guests arriving shortly so better do a last minute check of the room and I'll catch up later in the week when I have actually done something!

Bye for now - so good to be back.



  1. Welcome home lovely to have you back

    1. Ah thank you Dawn. We are very pleased to be home.

  2. Sorry I am late catching up with your posts Hun but lovely to see them. Glad you're getting the salad blues and at least we can say we tried them! Lovely harvest and glad you're back in to it xx

    1. Never apologise. There is always something more important to do I am sure.x Harry asked if we couldn't grow them again next year, he has a slight problem with the colour thinking they'll taste funny I think but Alfie doesn't mind at all!So glad to be back.xx

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