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Spring Life In The Garden.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Weekend On The Way

Good morning.

This has been a good week in the garden in general.

I'll try to show it more in pictures than words, if I can manage that; you know I love a ramble!

On Monday I took up the vast majority of the onions and they are now drying on a hessian bag in the cellar store room. don't know the weight until they are dried and then I can compare with last year. I thought I'd planted more this time but not sure....

I kept a few in the kitchen to use and I just love them sitting there, knowing I grew them!

I did a bit of sowing, too. More carrots alongside the ones that are doing very well, some Basil in the top of the herb loo and extra radishes in a spare planter after I ditched one of my tomato plants.

These are the first sweet peas I have had in the kitchen for the last few days until today as I have just had to throw them away.

On Tuesday I had a good little harvest and it was pure joy to bring this basket of goodies into the house!

I did my first bit of blanching, too, as I've put the cabbages in the freezer not being something we are eating just now. All together we have had just over 3lbs of spuds, firstly from the Arran Pilots then the Charlottes with one plant left to harvest. It is so satisfying taking them up, like digging for treasure! Lesson learned though, need to plant more earlies next year I think.The turnips are being used in stir frys and I just pick the sugar snap peas as and when; I don't have masses of those planted but they are yummy just to eat as I am outside or for the boys as snacks.

Now, I have a Twitter account for the Airbnb room and I follow a few interesting people - can't do with trash, tat or gossip; I'm a very discerning member of this form of social media! Following on from this, see what I did there? I had a chat with a company called Dri-Pak who I think a lot of people have heard of. I've wanted to do some product testing for companies for a while so I asked if they were interested in sending me some items that I could review -  and this little lot arrived this week!

I plan on sitting down this weekend to plan how best to do this little project; I've used soda crystals for quite a long time, along with good old fashioned green household soap.

Ok, there we are. I am hoping we may get a shower or two today; the butts are just about empty and I could do with all the main veg patches getting a bit of a soaking.

As ever, I look forward to hearing what everybody gets up to over the weekend.

Bye for now.



  1. Really interested to see what you do with the dri-pak items. Very lucky.
    Your harvests are coming in thick and fast now - really pleased for you.
    I've never ever thought of using turnip in stir fry! Great idea - we have loads lol.
    I too love to see some of our harvests in the kitchen just waiting to be used :D x

    1. Turnips are lovely when really thinly sliced and fried with garlic.

  2. harvests are looking good, well done, great news on getting the chance to do a review

    1. Thanks Dawn, but I am a little concerned about my tomatoes. I am trying to catch up with watering them as I think I have underdone them, some have light green leaves. A good amount of flowers but some of them look a little jaded, as if they are going to amount to nothing a drop off.

  3. No rain at all here but it isn't affecting the harvests, everything is coming on leaps and bounds. I must give turnips a try. Your basket of garden vegetables looks lovely, I know what you mean about feeling so great having grown it.

    1. Hi Tania. Do try the turnips. I find them very easy to grow, and soooo useful.

  4. gorgeous goodies from the garden.

    I like Dri pak products, it's good stuff and reasonably priced.

    hope you are having a good weekend.

    1. Thanks Sadie. Busy weekend as usual but interspersed with the tennis. Thankfully I should be able to see some of Murray's match this afternoon before parents' evening starts; can't wait for that as the boys came home with excellent reports and test results. Proud mum that's me!

  5. i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.


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