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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Sow, Grow, Harvest.


Well what a weekend of weather we've had, bewtiful (in my best Welsh accent).

There is still some sowing and definitely some growing happening here. On Saturday I decided to take up most of the strawberry plants as there is just nothing happening there;I think the cold frame is in the wrong place for them. I have put two of them in planters so I can move them around in the sunshine to see if this helps at all.

In place of the strawberry plants I have sown some pak choi. I really hope this works out as I failed with it last year. At the same time I sown some more Swiss Chard Lights to add to the ones already growing quite well.

I'm chuffed that the courgettes are coming on because I have been buying a couple each week and so this hopefully will be covered by the two plants I have if I look after them well.

I am continuing to sow spring onions alongside the lettuces; hopefully I have my timings right now as I do NOT wish to be buying anymore through the summer! I have sown red lettuce leaves but can't remember the variety just now. 

Tomatoes are coming along; lots of flowers and quite a few fruit so feeding them once a week to spur them on.

Some things are getting close to harvesting, in fact we have a few lbs of new spuds, which have been great, but the onions are not far behind; they'll probably be taken up at the end of the week so they can dry out whilst we are away.

The beetroot looks like a success this year and as they've been sown in three intervals I should have plenty this year.

Finally the climbing peas have quite a few fat pods on them; really hope we can have our own, shelled peas very soon. Eeek, definitely have been on my grow your own bucket list!

Now aren't these pretty? My first home grown sweet peas and they smell just lovely.

It has to be said that Jon and I don't often get chance to sit down and enjoy the garden very often but today we did, just for a little while. This is the view our Airbnb guests have from the verandah outside  their room just now.

As we sat chatting I thought that I rarely take photos of the back of the house so here it was today with a view of the conservatory. We have plans coming together to replace three of the windows and then the rest will be cladded as we want it just to be an additional room and not a hot house! The boys can't play pool in the daytime in summer and we have to keep the door to the kitchen shut or the kitchen isn't kept cool as we like it.

The dehydrator has been in use again over the weekend, this time for bananas. I like them but can't currently eat them so I'm going to keep them in an air tight jar until I can or use them in some baking. Just proves it does the job on them, too, as with the other things we have tried.

Finally, some cooking I have been doing lately. I tried to make wraps instead of using bought ones. They came out well but next time I need to cook them as they are needed or very close to eating as they tasted great but went a little hard when exposed to the air. Good effort though and my three thought they were ok. 

I have wanted to make stuffed aubergines for ages and I was spurred on my a recipe in the Slimming world magazine.

I cut one in half and scooped out the flesh then chopped it up along with onions, mushrooms and peppers.

I cooked some lentils...

and after I had fried off the vegetables I added the lentils to the pan.


Once combined I spooned the mixture into the aubergines and put a couple of strips of cheese then put them in the oven for about 20 minutes.

I have to say they were very yummy!

Right, that's the end of today's ramble; hope you've had a good weekend and I look forward to seeing what you have all been up to.

Bye for now.



  1. Hi lou! Everything looks amazing and what's come up is growing amazingly. Shame about the strawberries and hopefully they'll perk up now they've been moved. Don't you love being able to replace what's on your shopping list with something from the garden like courgettes as you say! I'm yet to see the influx I hear people moan about but maybe that's late July and August! We're in steady supply but are not overrun with them.
    The dehydrating is very satisfying isn't it?
    Yes you should show the back of your place more, it's fabulous!! Ste was only just asking about it following our conversation at the weekend and I said actually, I don't know if I've seen lots of pics of it, great minds!
    The sweet peas look great and I bet they smell divine. Recipes look delicious! Do you not have bananas due to SW?

    1. Yes, I am loving the idea of changing my shopping list! the dehydrating is great fun! You'll be able to see where the sun will hopefully be shining for our 'do'. Eeeek! I can have bananas but not when they are dried unfortunately. I'll slip them into some baking.xx

    2. AhhI see what you mean about drying bananas, I'd not twigged - can't wait to meet you x

  2. That looks delicious my sort of meal. I use lentils quite a lot in various dishes. Hoping to start building my dehydrator tomorrow as hubby is back working 2 days again.

    1. I love using lentils; I often whip up a quick veg curry with them for lunch. Ooh look forward to seeing how you get on with your dehydrator!

  3. i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.



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