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Spring Life In The Garden.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Pre-Rain Round Up.

The weather here is atrocious, really. The forecast said the rain would be with us hour upon hour upon hour and it surely is. Anyhow I managed to get to and from the room to ready it for a short notice booking we received yesterday afternoon for this evening.

I have some photos to share which as you will see were taken when the weather was MUCH better in the run up to and at the weekend.

Jon has had a couple of quad bikes in the shed needing some work to get running for the boys. He got one working and they both had a good few minutes riding up and down the garden.

Unfortunately they both still need a bit of work but there you go.

Recently I took part in a stationery swap and this was the lovely haul I received; post cards, post it notes, stickers, washi tape - all just lovely; thanks to Fiona my swap partner.

In Aber at the weekend I popped into Craft and looked, as usual, at the glassware, crockery etc and found these two bottles for £1 each. They will be great for when I, hopefully, make blackberry cordial later in the year.

We had been trying to sell the ride on mower recently but found it quite tricky. However, Jon was doing his best Forrest Gump impression yesterday mowing the garden and he has decided now to DEFINITELY keep it; much easier than strimming!

Now into the Poly House. These are the latest three tomato plants to be put in their final pots. If all the plants I have growing come into fruit I will have tonnes!...

and there are flowers on two or three of the plants which is great!

I have planted two piquant pepper plants in a trough but have three more plants. I am running out of floor space so will try and keep all these plants bushy, if I can, so they will fit under the benches a bit.

Here are my gherkins, four in total, which may be too many for the space I have given them but I guess they will support each other...

I had a sneaky look at my Arran Pilot spuds yesterday and found one a bit smaller than an egg so earthed them back up again as they shouldn't be ready for a few weeks yet but very exciting!

The strawb plants are fruiting well and spotted a couple of red ones yesterday.

The spring onions in the sink are finally really looking good with more small ones coming up, too. Shame we have eaten all of the lettuces, which also grew brilliantly in the sink; I have sown some more but need to do them more regularly than I have been.

I think that about covers everything. 

I am soooo excited for the harvest to come. After the rain I will do a post about the veg patches as it is all looking how I could only have dreamed before we moved here. The idea of me really producing a good amount of our own food, trying to be self-sufficient and self-reliant is amazing. I know it will take a few years to get the amounts right of things I grow to keep us fed, getting through the gap where much doesn't grow etc but I hope to keep good records from this year's harvest and into next year so I see how the numbers stack up.

Right, going to get some lunch now.

Bye for now.



  1. Keeping a record/diary is important. I need to invest in a electric propagator so I can start things earlier and extend the season with successional sowings. I've bulk purchased sugar ready for jam and chutney making. Producing any fresh food that helps stretch the budget is so worth while.

    1. Hi Tania. I'm going to ask for a greenhouse heater for Christmas to help with getting seeds started. Can't wait to make chutney with my own apples and onions. I made a lovely one with courgettes last year that I hope to repeat. Mmmmm. Well done on buying the sugar in bulk.

  2. Lou,try not to dig everything up too early like last year and you will end up with more and it will be a little bigger! and then don't eat it all straight away either like your pickled cucumbers! It's meant to last ! lol xxxx

  3. The boys will have great fun on the quads, our tomatoes are coming along great I have been tying them in lots of flowers and young fruits, we are a bit over run by lettuce at the moment and another lot are just germinating, any surplus will go to the goats

    1. The bikes go at some speed and they love it!I hope this rain will bring on my lettuce!I love checking the toms everyday to see how they are doing. Those goats have a great diet!

  4. Finally catching up, great post. I always love seeing how everything is coming in. Well done to you! I'm putting some more seeds in today too as we will run out of lettuce soon too. I want to check the spuds too but darent lol xx

    1. Thanks chic. I've so enjoyed picking our own lettuces but DEFINITELY a learning curve for next year re early sowing as have none just now! Spuds are such a sticking point! You have inspired me to get outside, now, at 1pm, and do something even though it is still blowing a mini gale.x

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