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Spring Life In The Garden.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Plot to Plate and Other Stuff.


Both my boys have been a bit under the weather since the beginning of the week with coughs and colds but are both at school today for the new week.

They are both doing homework about the Strata Florida Abbey the ruins of which can be found in Pontryhdfendigaid, the next village to us.

Strata Florida, Ceredigion.

I've had great fun helping Alfie write a slightly tongue in cheek newspaper account of the time the site was part of the dissolution of the monasteries, complete with an advert for insurance! He has worked really hard on it so hope he gets a good mark.

This weekend I harvested these lovelies!

We had the spring onions with tea on Saturday and I shelled the pea pods; the latter was a bit of an experiment as I wanted to see how far on the peas were, some were a good size but they obviously need longer to develop

There was just about 2lbs of Arran Pilot spuds and I am quite chuffed with the cabbage, even though we lost one that was totally nibbled by a little critter. I am going to keep an eye on the others and then probably chop, par-boil and freeze them; currently the boys are not keen on cabbage and I would not want it to go to waste when Jon and I cannot eat them straight away.

So the spuds and cabbage were part of tea on yesterday!  

Yes, I CAN eat this much and still lose weight!

Once again my broccoli has been an epic failure!

I had a head that started forming but this has been got at and as there's nothing on any of the other middles I don't think there's much chance of improvement now. Does anybody have advice about re-sowing the broccoli in the same spot? I do have to think about rotation for next year but could I get away with trying for some again as there as still time? Because everything I grow is pretty much in raised beds, containers, bags, tyres do I have to apply the same rules to rotation if I am replacing/improving the soil with compost? 


These are the second lot of tomatoes I solar dried; I put salt and pepper on them along with fresh basil and ...

they came out just brilliantly! I really can't wait until we put our own produce in there.

Jon is currently having a proper tidy out of his shed and everything with it. He found this which he forgot to tell me his dad had brought for me. Cool huh?

Not sure where to put/how to use it but useful none the less I am sure.

This morning I have been outside getting a few jobs done because the weather is changeable this week according to Countryfile - best weather forecast on the tv!  I started with cleaning out the chooks; six eggs already which is a better result than in recent days. I have cleaned out the top of the herb loo ready to sow or plant something new in there.

In the empty tyre from where I took up the spuds I have sown three butternut squash seeds to make use of the space.

I needed a few more bamboo canes for the PolyHouse so have cut a couple for now but will do more at the weekend. I read about making up a soapy water mixture in a sprayer to help with aphids and bugs etc so I've done that too.

I decided to sow a different kind of lettuce so have gone for salad bowl lettuce red; nice to add some colour to the plate. 

This is one of two courgette plants and I really hope I get a good few from them this year.

Ok, that is my little catch up.

Bye for now.



  1. Lovely catch up with everything Lou and sorry to hear that the broccoli didn't work despite your hard efforts! You tried. I count rotational as being in the soil for a year as some things are and I'd be rotating every six months for some things. That's just my opinion though, nothing concrete to that thought lol.
    However could it be the soil you're growing them in, you'll still get some quick crop ones if you get them sown (maybe in pots) soon?
    Those tomatoes look delicious!! Truly! Glad to hear from you yesterday that the boys are back to full health and love the fact you're getting involved with their homework like the fabulous mum you are xx

    1. Thanks for all that, chic. I think I will do, as you say, try some quick crop broccoli but pop them in the tyre where the spuds were with the squash as that is different soil. I'll take out the failed broccoli, add a bit of blood and bone and think of something to put in there in the meantime. Just don't want to waste space and have something we can eat. Lol!xx

  2. I do try to move position of things but as long as you feed the soil I'm sure it would be ok. I don't have any luck with brassicas either but I may try again. Well done with the cabbage.

    1. Thanks for that Tania. I think as I don't grow too much directly in the ground I should be ok. It is sooo satisfying eating something you have grown yourself, isn't it?!

  3. Hi Louise, you do need to take care not to grow some crops in the same soil each year as they are susceptible to soil pests and diseases and they can build up, things like tomatoes, onions and brassicas are better with fresh soil each time. You can use the soil they are grown in for other crops that are not related - also, if you grow beans first, then brassicas, they will benefit from being grown next in the same soil. You can also grow a "catch crop" inbetween your bigger plants, things like radish, lettuce between tomatoes as they don't always like full heat, and growing little green beans (especially near cabbage)will give them a boost. Also don't forget to grow little marigolds near plants to keep aphids away and make things look prettier! If you like purple sprouting broccoli, it's much easier to grow than calibrese (usually called broccoli here)but it does take up a bit of room,
    I'll stop now or I'll be here for the day! Cheerio, Elaine

    1. Wow. Thanks for that Elain. I knew some of what you have said but it is always great to get hints and tips from people. Thanks again.

  4. i really likes your blog and You have shared the whole concept really well. and Very beautifully soulful read! thanks for sharing.



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