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Spring Life In The Garden.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Building Projects, Early Harvest and Second Sowings.

I think you may know by now that Jon does not do things by half. When I asked him if it was possible for him to build me a solar powered dehydrator he had a quick look on You Tube and said he'd got it!

Well today it was put in place, ready for the next sunny day we have and here is the beast!

In the section above where the fruit, veg etc will be laid out we were quite surprised how warm it felt when you put your hand inside even on a day like today. Really hoping from the best sort of weather to give a go really soon!

Something that hasn't gone so well are my onions, well some of them at least. The harvest looked as though it wasn't too far off but then I noticed some of them had started to go to seed. A quick check and I decided I would take them out and use them instead of leaving them in the ground with the top cut off.

The weather has been a little changeable recently but I have managed to get a fair bit done. Today, before the downpour, I re-sowed parsnips in the hope that these ones will work..

I have put the rest of the carrot seeds in the smaller bed, something I have been meaning to get round to for quite a while...

and then the gap I realised I had between the swede and turnip row and the garlic now has cauliflower seeds in. 

I've had a little look around the fruit area and the larger of the blackcurrant bushes has a good amount of fruit on it; 

not sure when we will be able to harvest them but can't wait! 

Our established apple tree has a little fruitlet on it...

and the blueberry bushes have improved but it will be a couple of years before we see any harvest from these...

Whilst looking at the fruit bushes I did a bit of tying to to make sure they don't get too battered in the wind and rain and then also did the same to the climbing peas and tomato plants as they are both getting quite tall now.

Today I also washed, cut and froze the onions I had to take up the other day so these are ready to use at a later date.

In the poly house I've planted two of my Marketmore cucumbers in the raised bed..

then, because they are actually a variety which can be grown outside, I have planted one in a used compost bag to see what the difference is.

I am a bit miffed that I didn't get my lettuce sowing quite right.The ones I have grown we have really enjoyed and it has been great fun picking one when needed - just what this game is all about! Therefore I have already sown seeds in the sink outside and have today filled another drainpipe in the poly house to hopefully make sure we get a steady supply and I will keep an eye on the succession sowing as the weeks go by.

My niece has been staying for a couple of days and I've given her one of my piquant pepper plants as I think I can spare one!

Right, I think that is a nice little catch up; it really will be really funs how everybody's harvests are coming on. I'm looking forward to visiting Dawn, AND Martin, when I see how things are doing on Friday over at Being Self Sufficient In Wales, as long as my visit is not put off by too much rain!

Bye for now.



  1. Sunshine arriving tomorrow and will get better as the week goes on, look forward to seeing how your dehydrator works out, I have white and rd onions going to seed I blame that hot spell it has made things bolt, looking forward to seeing you on Friday

  2. Good news on the weather front!Looking for some cheap fruit or veg to give it a go. I thought I had a problem with my broccoli as I have huge leaves but no sign of heads sprouting but I just hope it is a longer developing variety. Looking forward t Friday, too.

  3. Can't you plant more onions Lou, its only June there's plenty of time!!

  4. No Helen I can't. Onions are a cold crop and it was the recent warm weather that made them bolt so planting them now would do no good at all.

  5. It's all looking really good. A shame about the onions, mine are okay at the moment, but I'm keeping an eye on them. Some of my first sowings of beetroot have gone to seed though :-(

  6. Louise, your hubby is just like mine builds things to last. I have just purchased cheaply muslin and fine netting to build a solar dehydrater I'm going to buy a small solar fan £1.99 to help move the heat through the tray. My onions went to seed last year because they overheated Ive planted them in a different place this year so fingers crossed it does not happen again.

    1. Hi Tania. Do let me know how you get on with your dehydrator and I'll be posting about my results, hopefully. Good luck with your onions.

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