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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Shock and Dismay.

Waking this morning to the horrendous news about Manchester made me so sad I cried. Jon said to me that London was sad, too, and it was but I said it seems to be getting closer.
We are safe here is what he sort of replied.
I do feel safe here.

This doesn't stop me feeling so much for the victims and people I know from where we used to live, being so close to Manchester from our old house.

What on earth has been achieved, and the children! A friend from near the city said two school friends of her children were caught up and actually injured by shrapnel from the bomb.

I am so sorry for anybody caught up in the dreadful, unforgivable act but I am going to say what I said after the Westminster bomb, I am more than happy and full of gratitude to be here in our bubble and this is exactly where we intend to stay. (Life in the Wild begins to look even more inviting than usual.)

People say we must not let the perpetrators get to us or make us stop living our lives the way we want. I know people with tickets for concerts in big cities coming up who say the security would be heightened so much safer but I think I would have second thoughts about things.

Such, another, sad day for humanity.



  1. It's heart breaking beyond words. I am thankful for where we live and the lifestyle we have chosen but of course, for my family, it doesn't mean we're untouchable, just offers a little bit of comfort in such vulnerable times.
    Keep smiling xx

    1. Yes I wouldn't say untouchable either but the comfort is very important.xx


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