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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Good Jobs!! Even With The Rain.

A little up-date on the sowing and growing - what else? We have had some much needed rain but still managing to get some work done outside.

On Friday I took a proper inventory of how many seedlings I have which will ultimately need moving to their final growing places; best case scenario of numbers, what they need to be in and where they will actually go/fit.

I decided to take the poorly performing salad leaves out of the Poly House drainpipe as they just didn't seem to thrive. The sink outside is fab for lettuces so think I'll try the leaves in there, too. 

Probably will try radishes inside as outside they don't seem to work for me.

I also moved the sunflowers, which were in a small trough, into the bed with the cabbages and broccoli - may sound weird but there are only four of them; at the same time I realised there is a bit of room between said brassicas so I have also moved the spinach there, too. Bit of a squeeze but I'm sure all with be well.

The trough that was freed up from moving the spinach meant I could put the rest of the Dwarf Beans in so that was another good job. 

Beef toms were potted on and both Butternut Squash and Courgettes are coming on with good, strong leaves so potted on both of those, too.

Whilst in the brassica bed I did a bit of weeding and also in the main bed and potato tyres. Talking of spuds my Sweet Potatoes, not spuds I know, arrived yesterday so can't wait to get those in!

And look at these beauties! They are the salad blues kindly given to me by Tracy over at Our Smallholding Adventure. Don't forget to pop over and see what great stuff her gang are doing down on The Farm.

I've also planted my last five Maris Piper spuds in a spare compost bag, putting them outside along with the ones from the Poly House and the planter of carrots.

You know when there is that elephant in the room, that job you have been putting off? Well I finally go round to emptying the food caddy I had put a remedy in for the broccoli last year - didn't work. It had been lurking near the compost bins but no more. Yay!

These are the bunch of containers I bought at the weekend to go with the ones I already have including a large pot for the lime tree offer I ordered; I hope it will thrive in this. 

Yesterday Jon delivered the chicken house, with the help of some pals, to school and just has to put the fencing in now; he included a glass panel so the children can see the hens.

Also we have sold the ride on mower through a Facebook smallholding page, it IS the devil in my opinion, so probably won't use that again; the money will go in our holibobs pot. After work today he is fetching a pig ark that is going for free so we'll keep that until we need it in summer. Bring on the porkers.

On a family note I received the dates for what is going on at school from now for the next nine weeks or so until the boys break up for summer; residential trips to Cardiff, sports day, school fete etc.

I came across this article the other day -Embracing Life On The Homestead. It is a good read and I especially like the bit about dirt under nails. I often find myself coming in from the garden to put my bread on its next prove; I can get confused about whether I should be kneading the weeds or weeding the bread!

Right this post has been a real pain as have been having probs with my photo downloads so will leave it before anything else go wrong!

Bye for now.



  1. Oh where to start! Lovely reading :) Thank you for the link, I wasn't expecting that and it's very kind. You're more than welcome and I can't wait to see what the salad blues turn out like! They are looking very healthy there.
    The lime tree will hopefully settle in and thrive, I think I read Dawn's citrus trees also lost some leaves recently - maybe they weren't citrus.
    That chicken house is a-ma-zing! What kind people you are and I hope the school enjoy it thoroughly. I know not on this occasion, but in the future you would be able to make a fortune selling those.
    The rest of your veg are coming on fabulously and as we head in to June, everything is just going to take off isn't it? Especially after the rain we had. Everything at ours has turned bright green after the rain, apparently it's full of nitrogen and that is why.
    Well done on addressing that elephant lol xx

    1. Thanks for your kind words chic. Jon is not keen on being thanked in public for the chicken house so he will not be having his photo taken for the newspaper article the head has planned! Jon could make a business of things like the hen house but as you say not just now. Glad you are coming up green all over, too.x

  2. I've just read the 15 things on the link - that's brilliant and so true for most of them lol

  3. It is all looking very lush, and that chicken house is fab, mine have a window and the chooks love looking out, as Tracy said some of my citrus trees dropped there leaves but pleased to say they have now burst into growth again.

    1. Thanks Dawn. Jon is going up to school this afternoon to put a door on and finish the fencing. I am LOVING how everything is looking just now and find it hard to keep up with the potting on at times! If it is ok with you I'd like to come and visit next month?

  4. Every thing is looking good, and love the chicken house. You seem to be doing really well.

    1. Thanks Chris. We work hard and it is starting to pay off.


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