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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Monday, 1 May 2017

Good Job!!! A Lot More Than One!

There's nothing like getting a few jobs done.

On Friday I had a baking day due to a plan change re food shopping; I baked bread, rolls and loaf, plain shortbread and I think my best yet Millionnaires Shortbread for Jon.

On Saturday after food shopping and lunch we got ourselves outside and made a start.

Jon was finishing the verandas outside the Airbnb room; here they are from start to finish - with a little help from Alfie.

We are really pleased with how it looks.

I was busy in the Poly House and got lots done. I bought new sweetcorn kernels to sow as the others all failed but one and I must have them growing this year.

I potted on and sowed some more French Marigolds and put three Beef tomato plants in their final big pots.

On Sunday I decided to put the sweet peas in with the climbing peas as planned and at the same time set up a little netting for them at both ends, you can just see I think.

I sowed parsnip seeds as I've decided to put my cucumbers inside and use that outside space for something I can't grow indoors. I still had to dig the spot over, again, and take out more stones but done in the end.

We decided to go to Aber to get a second table and chair set to match for the next room and pick up a few things including this for my Poly House.

We finished up and had a quiet night watching the Durells and the finale of Line Of Duty.; it was soooo good!

Today, Monday, we were up quite early and after breakfast I headed to the Poly House. Jon was in the shed making the beginnings of a chicken house for the boy's school; they ordered one, the company went bust and they lost their money; he will make them a run, too.

I went straight to the potatoes as the frost caught the leaves the other day! I cut off the black ones but new green ones are already coming through so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! 

I didn't do very well with my sunflowers last year so hope for improvement with the four I put in a trough.

Due to a few failures with my sowing I decided to re-sow the following:

butter nut squash
sweet peppers
peppers boneta (should be grown outside)

I gave the spot for the swede a good turning over, as I did for the parsnips, then sowed the seeds.

When I look at my growing area I sometimes can't believe my eyes. It looks pretty much how I have dreamed of having a veg garden - I just hope it all comes off this year as I have worked so hard on it all.

I am very pleased there are signs of the carrots coming through, as with the shallots, in the new patch and I can see the rows of teeny, tiny leaves where the turnips are germinating.

The weather is glorious just now so Jon and I have taken a turn around the garden. The wild garlic is in flower and I have picked some to dry.

Here is some information about ways to eat and use the garlic; it is all but done by June so I need to keep an eye on it.

I have been looking after the strawberries now they are in the cold frame. I have lost a few of the plants but I can see some little fruitlets on the ones I still have.

I've been looking for a before photo of the gate. Reason being that we power washed it today, mainly me, Alfie and bit and Jon finished off. Trust me it looks sooo much better. We were going to paint it but I just like it like this. It was covered in green mossy stuff and looks like a new gate now. It will need preserving with something at some stage. 

Right, I'm going to close the gate on this post and look forward to catching up with what everybody has been up to over the last couple of days.

Bye for now.



  1. What a lovely post as always Lou. The concrete veranda looks amazing - very professional. The gate too is the same, looks great. Same as ours :).
    I've actually ordered some wild garlic as my seeds failed and I need it in my life LOL - but I think it'll be next year now :(. better late than never!
    You brought the biggest smile to my face when you said about having the veg area that you always dreamed of. I know exactly what you mean, exactly! Fabulous and congratulations xx

    1. Thanks. It's great so see what you have achieved isn't it? Wish i was closer to give you a chunk of my garlic! Yes, I do love my veg patch and glad you are living your dream, too.xx

  2. your veg plots look amazing. So much further on that my parents allotment and they live in Devon, which I think is warmer that where you are? Looks like its going gang busters. Shows all of your hard work. The verandah looks good. Its nice to have somewhere to sit when you are on your hols. :) I pressure washed the fence the other week. LOL it shook me half to death! my arm hurt!

  3. Thanks Sol. We have a beautiful day today and we had rain yesterday so I hope the combination will be something that continues, not TOO much rain though. My back was killing me after the fence but such a good result.

  4. It's lovely to see everything looking so good, all your hard work is paying off.

    1. Thanks Marlene. I just hope the harvest comes off after all this work.

  5. Those pictures you posted make me very hungry. The garden looks absolutely magnificent by the way. Kudos to you for being dedicated and motivated on keeping it together! I love your house and garden. One day I too shall grow my own produce. Hopefully, when I'm not so lazy, like most of these days.

    Garry @ Creative Fences And Decks

    1. Thanks Garry for all your kind words. It takes a lot of doing but when you love what you are doing it isn't work. I post the odd thing on Twitter so you can catch up with us there, to.


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