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Spring Life In The Garden.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Busy Busy Busy.


Trying to be a little more positive than yesterday.

We have had sun and rain over the last few days and this has done wonders for the sowing and growing. Sorry if photos are a bit boring but just using them as a record for me if nothing else.

The tomatoes are coming on a treat, all varieties and I have not too many more to pot on. I do have to keep an eye on the pinching and make sure I'm not pinching the ones I shouldn't! May take a hint from Tracy and put some of the pots outside tomorrow but probably Friday as that the is best day for us according to the forecast over the next week or so.

I have put the courgettes outside but will keep an eye on them in case I need to bring them back in.

I tied some string around the pea wigwams and on the canes for the sugar snap peas and I think the extra support is helping, thanks to Monty. Love him and Nigel!

The spuds, after my potato campaign anxiety, are doing better than I could have imagined! I feel the heat of the sun kept in the tyres is definitely helping, but the growing bags are also doing very well. 

Can't wait to plant our the sweetcorn; after a bit of a false start they are fab and really hope for a great harvest this year.

In the foreground of the picture are the piquant peppers I have grown from seeds given to me by Dawn, thanks again; took a couple of tries but so pleased they have come on.

I have some fruit starting on the strawberries and again hope for a better result this year due to the coldframe Jon built.

We have had a visitor in the carrot patch. Something dug down but it didn't look as if it were anything bigger than a mole but today I saw the same thing appeared to have made inroads via the fruit patch; will keep an eye on that.

At the weekend Jon strimmed the garden; it looks fab now. The boys are able to play tennis at the bottom near the Poly House and to think how much of a jungle this was at the start.

In other news I had a booking for the room last night for next week, then this morning another for tonight; all cleaned and done ready for them to arrive between 4-6pm. 

We are sooo busy up to the beginning of June so no idea what will happen next month!

My little brassica bed is thriving! Cabbages to the right, broccoli to the left with spinach down the middle all appear to be making happy bedfellows along with the sunflowers at the top of the bed.

Right, I feel better now I have written this. I have some baking to do for the boys before they get home so we are ready for a quick trip to the doctor before home for tea. Jon is on cooking duties tonight making chicken shnitzel for him and the boys.

Bye for now.



  1. Everything is coming along nicely! Your guest room is very nice! It's a nice color combo as well! Good luck!

    1. Thank you K. I like the purple, too, and I'm in the process of deciding the colour scheme for the next room.

  2. Its all coming on great, I have strawberries forming too, I am thinking of the moving the ones in the poly tunnel outside in Autumn, I need the space :-)

    1. Thanks Dawn. I have some foam forming on a couple f them. I will blast them with a bit of water spray,as I have read I should do, and no real damage should be done. You are always looking for more space for something, I am tending to do that now! Hope your weather is good but that you get some rain for the tanks.

  3. Looking great - I love seeing how things are coming on for people. So pretty. Something has eaten my courgette, my first blooming one! I suspect a mouse. x

    1. Thanks. Get that piggin' mouse caught!

  4. We have plans to use some old tyres for vegetable growing, we found a stack of them in one of the old outbuildings. Your garden is looking amazing. Beautiful colour for the guestroom.

  5. Thanks Mama. We think that the rubber of the tyres helps the growing process. I love purple!


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