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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Things I Love About Our Pace Of Life.

Recently I mentioned in a post that, as I walked back from collecting eggs, I was sooo happy where I am. Doing the same thing the other day I thought about lots of things I love about living where we are and doing what we do.

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I love hearing the chooks chattering whilst I hang out the washing.

I love that somebody said our eggs are the FRESHEST they have tasted.

I love that there is so much to forage for in the hedgerows near the house in the Summer.

I love the sun comes up at the front of the house and goes down at the back, all day view.

I love that I would rather be doing something outside rather than cleaning the house!

I love the view across my veg patch and growing area.

I love that our guests have said we have a very special place here and that it is a jewel.

I love to see the Poly House benches groaning with seedlings in the Spring.

I love that I have the time and the inclination to bake my own bread.

I love that the garden is big enough for the boys to play football.

I love Jon for building the garden things we planned to have even before we came here!

I love that the boys are able to go to a small, local school and still do loads of activities.

I love that the boys have taken to the Welsh language SO well.

I love that Jon is home every night to have tea with us as a family.

I love seeing the change of season in the garden when Autumn comes.

I love that I have the kitchen I have dreamed of but never thought I would ever have.

I love that the house will give us a business meaning Jon and I can work together at home.

I love the view from the front kitchen window and ...

I love the view from the top kitchen window!

I love that we have a separate TV room. 

I love that the boys can't wait to go swimming in the river in the Summer.

I love that we enjoy spending evenings by the fire in the living room in the Winter.

I love that, if all goes to plan, I will be able to provide a lot of our fruit n veg from the garden.


I asked the boys to tell me a couple of things that could go on the list.

Alfie said he liked the garden because it is big and has lots of trees great for hide and seek.

Harry said he likes living here because there is no traffic near the house, and he likes the house because it is halfway between modern and old.

(I'm sure they could think of other things but were too busy playing ball in the conservatory  - that could probably go on the list.)

Forgot about this post until just now but  I still wanted to put it out there.

Bye for now.



  1. That's a really lovely list, and you know the best bit? To realize how happy you are : )

    1. Thank you and yes, to realise but also to be grateful; perhaps I should have said the things I was grateful for instead of loved but I think they are the same thing.

  2. Lou, I absolutely love your list! It's so nice to see a family being a family and loving the life they are making together! Much happiness and success to you, Jon and the boys!

    1. Thank you so much. It can sound smug but we are just wanting our life to be as close to how we dreamed of it before we came here.

  3. This brought a tear to my already emotional week! I LOVE this list. I often think these little thoughts during my day and have yet to capture them in a list like this. What a lovely idea and a lovely list.
    Also, my opinion only, never be worried to post what you love. It's yours to love and you have no need to explain that to anyone or to feel guilty for it. You should be proud and rightly so xx much love x

  4. Thanks for ALL your kind words, chic. I think this is the ultimate entry for my Journal of Gratitude! xx

  5. Lovely list and I love your new header.

    1. Thanks Marlene. I love the photo, too but hopefully the ducks will have taken over by the beginning of next month!

  6. So happy for you and your family - thanks for this lovely list. It makes my heart full.

    1. Hi Kathleen. Great to see you are still keeping up with my ramblings. My heart it pretty much overflowing, too.

  7. mendingmakingcrafting21 April 2017 at 10:35

    What a lovely, positive and happy list. x


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