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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Friday, 21 April 2017

Run Up To The Weekend.

This a catch up of this week in the run up to the weekend when my boys will be home for the last few days of their Easter hols. Yay!

Our Airbnb guest was still out in the early evening yesterday so Jon and I had one of our leisurely walks around the garden checking on things, talking and planning as usual.

The first thing we looked at was the Wild Garlic I was given, thanks Dawn, and it is looking really good; hope to use it in something soon.

As we walked down the garden I had to take a picture of these lovely forget me nots; as now we have lost most of the daffs and all of the snowdrops we have these lovely things instead.

The sowing and growing is definitely my thing but I always like to show Jon where I am up to. Here is the spinach; more seeds growing, too, so looking forward to trying some of that. 

I have been having my usual quality-of-soil anxiety attacks just recently and how this will affect EVERYTHING!

Here are the beginnings of my Arran Pilot spuds and appear to be coming on ok. Big phew!

These are the Gardener's Delight toms that are coming along bee-utifully. A couple more inches and they will be ready for their permanent spot.

The edge of the raised bed gives me a bit more space to put things, as well as the wooden stools I'm making use of. Dwarf beans at the end, sunflowers at this end, climbing beans at the wall side and the next lot of climbing peas on the left almost ready to go outside.

These are the Golden Acre summer cabbages, looking very sturdy just now but somebody mentioned an Arctic snap so have cloches at the ready!

Talking of potatoes, but not in a proper sense, I checked and my sweet spud slips are to be delivered; I have growing bags all ready for them to get going ASAP.

This week I have been busy sown turnip seeds, planted some freesia bulbs, put some sweet peas at the front door to replace the daffs, sowed more beetroot and beef tomatoes amongst other jobs. 

We have ordered some mushroom plugs to grow outside on logs - Shitake and Chicken of the Woods varieties; Jon is going to get the wood from the sawmill.

This morning I went out to do the watering in the hope of catching my guest before he left. I also picked some sage and oregano to dry for use in the kitchen; I dried some last year and it came out very well - the conservatory is the best place to do this.

What I want to do is make separate jars but also a jar of mixed herbs but need to wait for the thyme to come on a little bit first.

I popped out for a quick coffee at a friend's house earlier and took the opportunity to go to the bottle bank and also put some money on mine and Jon's mobile phones - a tenner for each of should last until about August, if not beyond!

Jon hopes to get the first veranda finished at the weekend so we need a trip to get sand, cement and also chicken pellets on Saturday when we have collected the boys. Also we are going to the travel agent to hopefully book our flight tickets for our trip to Menorca in July. We are taking one last holiday to stay at Jon's mum's before we dive head first into running the Bed and Breakfast next year. We owe it to the boys we feel, but they are excited, too, at the prospect of a bigger pocket-money payday when helping out more around the place, along with the money they get from the eggs - win win I think.

Right, need to finish my coffee then go and pack the overnight bag and do a bit of ironing, or I could watch a cookery programme?!

Bye for now.



  1. Very busy as ever! Always, always, anything other than ironing!

    1. You know Greta, I don't mind ironing one little bit. I love the smell of hangers and piles full of fresh clothes and there is nothing as satisfying as the bottom of the pile.

  2. What a joy to visit and see your beautiful garden. I am great fan of drying our herbs too. We are at Cross Ness on the Isle of Lewis, I think the windiest part of the Island. My washing is on the line at the moment and is almost horizontal. Take care.

    1. Thanks Mama! I shall look at some pictures of where you are and good luck with the washing!

  3. wow the wild garlic has come on great, try drying some of the leaves to use later in the year, also try having a go at making some pesto.

  4. Yes I think I'll dry some along with the others I picked. LOVE the idea of pesto.

  5. I am SO jealous of the wild garlic, we have none round here. I bought some seeds too to try and grow my own but they haven't taken! It looks amazing. I love the new header photo too of the chickens over the duck house/water lol!
    How's the herb drying coming on? I don't have enough to dry yet, mine are all babies still. The cabbages are looking fabulous.
    Have a lovely holiday when you do, though of course I will speak to you before then :D xx

    1. I am still shocked that the garlic has survived with all the upheaval in the garden. Herbs are doing ok I think, not looked at them today. I have high hopes for the cabbage as long as I can keep an eye on the slugs!x


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