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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Friday, 7 April 2017

Just A Great Day To Be Alive.

A great big sunny hi there and hello from SUPER sunny mid-Wales. What a day?! As I walked from having collected the eggs today I looked around the garden and thought just how lucky we are to be where we are and to be doing what we want to do.

Getting a post done whilst Jon is taking Harry to Sea Cadets, Alfie already at Youth Club. A catch up before the weekend. We currently have guests in the Airbnb room for two nights then we have Jon's mum and brother visiting on Sunday. Of course in the middle of this we have the usual activities like stage school and piano lesson; at least Chinese takeaway will take care of tea on Sunday!

Later on, when the guests who will be in our Airbnb room for the weekend said it must be like living your dream, I replied that it is. I also said we count our lucky stars everyday for what we do and and where we are when there are so many unfortunate happenings in the world right now. I'm going to say something a bit controversial; we are happy to be in our little bubble.

So today. I got a garden prep job done I have wanted to do for a while. At the front of the house behind the walls on each side of the door there were lots of weeds, roots etc which needed to come out before we it can be mulched with wood chippings.

Here is the before photo....

I am so chuffed with myself as it didn't take as long as I thought it would; the other side may get done tomorrow or Sunday morning.

I did a couple of other jobs; made a note of some seeds I want to sow, filled up my water bottles for the Poly House from the water butt and put some stones into the garden wall that had been dug up from various places.

Oh, the pizza oven is done!

We are hoping to use it tomorrow. Eeeek!

In the corner near the new veg patch I have dug over and hoed the little slope and scattered some mixed wildflower seeds; I look forward to those coming up, if they take it will make a lovely bright addition to that area.

Now, I might have been a bit previous but these are my early heritage variety Golden Acre cabbages. They have been out a couple of days, protected one night with fleece but all seems ok. They are fit for harvest from June to August.

In the Poly House my mixed salad leaves are really doing well.

The beetroot is looking strong so the three trays will be put out soon.

The spring onions inside are starting to look a little stronger; not sure if I need to put them outside yet but I'll wait until they get a bit bigger before I decide.

Oh, yesterday I got a couple of bargains from Morrisons; one Bramley apple tree and one Braeburn each for £5.

They are now in the fruit patch, thanks to Jon; he is also fetching from Morrisons this evening 6 bags of compost for me; 420 litres for £18.00; I think that's a good price.

Right well that is about it I think.

I do hope you all get some fantastic weather, get out in the garden, greenhouse or poly tunnel and I look forward to seeing what everybody gets up to over the weekend.

Bye for now.



  1. Yeah for being happy in your bubble! Your family is living and loving together, living your dream! It's wonderfu to see! Can't wait to see your first pizza!

    1. Thanks Karen. Bit of a controversial comment as can been seen as uncaring for others' plight. I think we are on for pizza!

  2. I love the pizza oven.. I usually bake in normal oven, but I miss this kind of oven,which is not possible to build in our house..

    1. Thanks Krishna, it's a project we have wanted to complete since we first came here. Tick!

  3. Tick indeed! Fabulous. I bet you're super proud. The front photos look great - it'll be so much easier to stay on top of now won't it? x

    1. I am! Can't wait to get the wood chips, soon I hope.x


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