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Monday, 17 April 2017

Bank Holiday Bonanza!

Hello. Hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend.

We did and we were also able to get a lot of things done in the garden along with having some guests in our Airbnb room.

On Friday the boys were helping Jon get rid of the bamboo roots we had been keeping in the far left corner of the garden. Now was the time to get them down to the field to be used there as a barrier and to make good the land they had been sitting on. Get ready for some before and after photos.

This is how they had been for what seems ages, on the left of the photo..


there are the boys helping Jon make mincemeat of it - axes, saws and chainsaw in hands...

and finally how it looked today when Jon had cleared the last of it and raked it all over. Fab!

This is a really important thing in the garden as the bamboo has been a real labour to get rid of and make the ground usable. There will be some new fencing at some point but for now we are super pleased with the result. I may put some roses in this spot, too, not sure yet.

I made a start on the rabbit proofing as the little blighters had been nibbling my climbing peas.

I also had to top and tail the room as we had guests booked for Friday evening arrival.

On Saturday we gave the boys a day off as they had been very helpful, Jon continued with the bamboo of course. 

got some good jobs done in the Poly House and outside. I planted out some of the broccoli and did some more rabbit proofing. This was finished by Sunday with some help from Jon and it now runs the length of the picket fence and they really should not be able to get in anywhere now.

I also sowed the cucumbers, again; do hope they take this time. Between wanting to be in the garden I had to get the room ready again as we had Saturday evening arrivals! We decided to take a drive out as the weather was sunny if a little windy. We went to Borth and had a walk on the beach followed by ice cream and cake.

On Sunday morning we were expecting Jon's dad and his wife as they were staying over and then taking to boys to theirs the next day for a few days away. I managed to get two rows of the beetroot planted out and weeded a second spot for wild flowers near the new veg patch. 

I also had to top and tail the room, again, for the in-laws and they arrived after lunch then we had a lovely day and evening with some yummy roast pork.

This morning the boys had left with the Gramps by about 10.30am so Jon and I headed outside. We did some work then went to Aber to buy more compost - hopefully the last lot - and a couple of other things and also had some lunch and a walk along the sea front before coming back and getting stuck back into a few more jobs.

I managed to scatter the second lot of wild flowers, planted up three pots of freesias,

and the sweet peas to go at the front door.

I re-sowed the pepper bonetas, as the first lot did not take at all, sowed some more beetroot and beef tomatoes (a variety called Marmande). I potted on the gherkins and the Cuor di Bue tomatoes and hoed the main veg patch.

The raised bed in the Poly House is now full and ready for planting.

Jon made this chair for me last week so I can sit and admire all my hard work in the garden.

When we got back from Aber I did my Poly House bits and pieces whilst Jon made a start on the little verandas that will be in front of the rooms. There will be steps up to them with room for a table and chairs. They will just extend the space for each of the rooms.

I'm really pleased we got so much done. I still have a list of things to be done by the end of the month including last lot of spuds to be planted out.But, with Jon going back to work tomorrow and the boys away I am going to try and find a little me time. I am working my way along my craft bench in the cellar cleaning and tidying it up, a lot! I've made a good start and really want to finish that and I may do some baking to put in the freezer, too.

We'll see what I can manage.

Look forward to reading what everybody has been getting up to over the weekend.

Bye for now.



  1. Wow - you really are all achieving so much. Enthusiasm is a great helpmate. After 30 years here, our enthusiasm has waned a bit and it's more plod!

    http://www.realseeds.co.uk/about.html I can really recommend these guys - who GROW stuff in Wales (Newport, Pembs way) very successfully and their seeds germinate well and can cope with the Welsh climate. My gardening daughter uses them too. Some more unusual things there - brilliant selection of Tomatoes amongst other things. Give them a whirl.

  2. Thanks BB. Thanks for the seed info, will look them up.x

  3. Glad you found time to get outside as well as catering for guests, now all our visitors have gone I am looking forward to getting back into my routine

    1. Yes, so am I. But last night we had another booking, my gentleman guest is back today for three nights. I am all ready with the room top and tailed so can get on with other stuff now.

  4. Oh wow, as BB said, you have achieved SO much. I love the photo of the PH where Jon is starting the work. Never seen this angle before and is great. How lucky are you to have that chair, what a handy man Jon is. Brilliant. I bet you get lots of pleasure sat with a brew here.
    Hope the blighters stay off your veg patch now it's meshed off xx

  5. I know what you mean about seeing things from different angles. I love seeing where things are around others' growing areas and land, too. I found a slug on one of my cabbage this morning but I think the slug pellets I put down sorted him out before he did any damage as I couldn't see any actual nibbling! We have had rabbits in the garden but think the mesh has done the trick.x


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