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Spring Life In The Garden.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Always Something Going On At Our House!

On Saturday the weather was glorious, again. In the morning I decided to get the carrots into the new veg patch - chuffed about that.

I got changed ready to take Alfie to Stage School when he decided he no longer wanted to attend; I have to admit I am disappointed but you cannot force children. I was due to pay the next term's fees so a decision had to be made and he went away and thought about it. I can understand why he was thinking like this because he has felt in the past he is missing out on family time; when we drop him off and we go into Aber and perhaps have a coffee, do a little shopping etc. he feels a bit badly done to. He is a real homebird, family kind of boy, bless him. I called the Arts Centre and told them, then I have to say Alfie was a very happy boy in the afternoon playing outside with Harry.

As I was then not going anywhere I got some washing done and pottered around. Jon lit the pizza oven to give it a whirl, a couple of hairline cracks appeared but these have since been fixed with a bit of fire cement. I made quick a homemade pizza and the boys helped with the toppings and we just about got it cooked before the fire died down...

but finished it off in the oven before the boys enjoyed eating it outside in the early evening sun, with Alfie declaring it was the best pizza, ever!

On Sunday morning we knew for sure that Jon's mum and brother were visiting so I decided to set to with the other side of the front wall. I appear to have lost my before photo but here at least is how it looks now, and take it from me it is one heck of an improvement as with the other side. Look forward to getting the wood chippings down some time after Easter.

After the morning jobs we headed into Aber as we were meeting Jon's family so after a spot of lunch we bought a few bits and pieces. These included the shallot sets I had been having trouble finding, some yellow courgette seeds called Goldena, yes MORE seeds, and a couple of small closhes to protect the cabbages that are outside from any late frost snaps.
The weather at home had been lovely but by the time we came home with the bbq food it had turned a little chilly...

I put out the shallots at either end of the carrot rows and sowed the courgette seeds then we sat and watched Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them - wonderful film! I took Alfie to his piano lesson, he came back with the next book towards his Grade 1 exam, and Jon had cooked our bbq food inside for when we got back. We had a relaxing evening but I spent a bit of time by the phone and laptop as we received a booking for three nights from last night! The guest was arriving between 5-7pm which I knew was going to be tricky due to my Slimming World meeting at 7.30pm and Harry needing to be at Sea Cadets an hour earlier than usual. However, I managed to meet the guest whilst Jon took Harry with Alfie, I went to my meeting and Harry actually finished a little early so I still got home in time for Broadchurch, despite having to have my car jump started before we left Aber. Aaarrgghh!

Today I took Alfie to Aber for 8am to catch his coach to Swansea for an Urdd trip and I have a bit of an admin to do day but may get a bit done outside later.

Right, better crack on.

Bye for now.



  1. There is always a lot of juggling going on with children and there activities, my shallots only went in end of last week, its a busy time of year, the christening of the oven looks good.

  2. Oh wow I love the pizza oven photos and those memories for the boys, yum. May you have many more pizza nights! I have no shallots but thinking about them for 2018 lol. Sorry to hear about the car, what a pain for you.
    I hope the guests are behaving themselves :) xx

    1. We hope to use the pizza oven for other things than just pizza! I wanted shallots as I thought I had more onions in that last year so these will top up the total. Car is going in for a service next week! Guests were just fine.x


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