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Spring Life In The Garden.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Wowee Weather!

I have been so busy these last few days that this post is - using a good northern saying - all to cock!

However it seems lots of people were lucky enough to have great weather last week.

I enjoyed some time in the garden by raking over part of the chicken enclosure to reveal some treats for the girls. 

Egg production is a little under par considering our new arrivals but I'm sure it will improve once the weather is good in longer spurts. 

In the Poly House the sowing and growing is continuing. On Wednesday and Thursday I sowed-

chinese chives
mixed sweet peppers
sweet boneta peppers

I weeded the herb sink to leave the sage, thyme, oregano and chives looking very healthy and took the nippers to some wayward bamboo that had popped up in a couple of places near the main veg patch and thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine yesterday - the temp in the Poly House has been up to 22 degrees C and that is the warmest so far this year.

My calendar has been rammed with things for the boys ever since St David's Day really. With Harry starting Sea Cadets, an extra activity with them and rehearsals for various eisteddfods I haven't known if I am coming or going for some time!

On Thursday Harry was at school until 5pm practicing for an event the next day. On the back of that on Friday I really did nothing! I took the boys to school early and then I went on a trip to Llandysul to see the Urdd Ceredigion Dance competition. Harry was taking part in a group street dance category (hence the practicing) so went to show some support with three of the other mums. The comp was being held at this huge new school called Ysgol Bro Teifi and here they all are ready to go on stage. ( Harry, right)

They were up against some strong competition but came away with third place! 

We were all so proud of the hard work they put into the routine.

Consequently I didn't get home until 1.30pm, checked about a lift for Harry back from Sea Cadets this evening then came home for some much needed lunch! In the afternoon I managed to get some ironing done, started tea and then fetched the boys from eisteddfod choir practise at 4.15pm. After tea I took Alfie to youth club and Jon took Harry to 
Sea Cadets, and he came home with a lift which was great as Jon and I were both bushed.

That's all so bye for now.



  1. Well done Harry and the rest of the kids he looks really chuffed :-)

  2. Thanks Dawn, they were not in such professional looking costumes as some of them but our lot just did their best. They all really looked like they were enjoying themselves and not just with faces of concentration like a lot of the groups.

  3. It doesn't matter about the costumes, they are busy making memories there and happy ones too! I bet you're very proud.
    I'm just catching up with your posts as they all came through on Sunday for me x

  4. Ah thanks for that.x I think I did two close together as I had been too busy to do them. Thanks for reading and commenting as always.x


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