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Spring Life In The Garden.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Sunday Sit Down.


I sit at the kitchen table typing this as Jon is in the shed having a much needed tidy up and the boys are just starting some homework; this is the perfect time to have a little catch up with you.

I've been busy in the Poly House this week getting seeds sown and loving every minute of it. I am so looking forward to, hopefully, harvesting much more of our own food this year. Eeeek! Thursday evening was the first time we have been getting jobs done outside after tea for the first time this year. Fab! That day, Friday and Saturday I got the following done:

Seeds were sown for:

- two types of aubergine
- cucumber, to grow outside 
- some Italian-style beef tomatoes
- mixed variety of sweet peppers
- a plum-variety of tomato called Cuor di Bue
- a second drainpipe of climbing peas
- piquant peppers
- all year round lettuce (in the sink outside)
- sweet peas to go around the peas and a variety that needs no support to go in a planter at   the front door
- french marigolds for not sure where yet, and what a wierd looking seed?

and I moved the beetroot and cherry tomatoes I had in the house into the Poly House, too!

Going great guns so far.

On Friday I had what I would describe as an egciting delivery - egg boxes!

312 of them to be exact! I think they worked out at 6p a box. As egg production has gone into overdrive, 34 so far this week, we will be able to start selling them when Jon and the boys hopefully get the honesty box built next week. 

On Friday Jon came home from work with something he had his eye on, two quad bikes. This is one of the two he 'acquired' as they were not needed by the boss and apparently just taking up space....

They are big enough for me and Jon to ride on so will be useful to nip down to the field on if we need to; they need a bit of maintenance, spark plugs and a few other bits and pieces, but nothing Jon can't sort.

It does seem to be going on and on but me and the boys did some more clearing of stones on the fruit patch yesterday. I have decided now the vast majority of the large stones have been removed we are going to go for a more natural, organic look to the area. I bought a blueberry and a raspberry bush from Poundland last year, both of which have survived very well, so now they are back in stock I am going to buy a bunch of them and see what happens; this means we can get the patch well planted up so it is an established area of the garden. 

Advice request

The raspberry bush I have has not yet given us any fruit but is a healthy 2ft or so tall. Should I cut this down to soil level or leave and plant as is?

This morning, whilst managing to dodge most of the rain showers, Jon has worked on the soakaway pipe from the septic tank which needed some attention.

It was a dirty job, well just muddy really, but somebody had to do it and it is a blue job so.....


  1. I am loving the quads!! One day! Go you guys, brilliant. The eggs are sounding amazing, imagine what they will be like in the summer? We had goose egg frittata the other day and it was my fave by far. I think I will have dippy goose egg at the weekend (talking about that and it's Monday morning!).
    Your sowings are looking amazing and you've reminded me of a few I need to do too, so thank you for that.
    Re the raspberry - I have one the same but I am leaving it alone. Hope someone else knows?
    March really is the time to get going isn't it? x

    1. Jon was more than willing to pay for the quads. We bought the boys one each when they were younger but grew out of them fast - these will be better! Looking into more rebel sowing today or tomorrow! Yep, March is just great.Eeeeek!x

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Greta. How are you? Yes it is wonderful to be able to get going with the seeds!x

  3. your raspberry is a cane not a bush, you need to cut back old fruiting canes each year, I do mine in January, it depends if it is a autumn or summer fruiting variety, from poundland I should think its Autumn fruiting, the old canes will be brown and easily snap, fruit will take place on new canes that were formed during fruiting previous year, these canes will grow longer come spring, you need at least 6 to get going with, they will multiply and send up runners they will also need a wire support or the canes will end up on the ground.

    1. Thanks for all of that Dawn. I plan on getting some more bushes at the weekend hopefully.


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