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Monday, 27 March 2017

Such A Weekend!


Saturday was a day and a half here, although I did not get a lot done at all! My boys, because they were placed in a couple of categories at the Area Eisteddfod in Tregaron, were at the County event which luckily for us was held at the pavilion in Bont where the boys go to school. We were there all day - yes all day!

Harry came away with third place for his recital and the Ymgom, which was a group dramatic piece performed by my two and two of their friends, brought us third place. We were so proud and our headmistress was chuffed to bits for all their effort and the results.

I do wish on the other hand that we could all have been at home as the weather was GLORIOUS! but never mind. We don't go onto the next one as we were not placed first in any of the programme.

I managed to pop back home a couple of times to see how Jon was getting on with the pizza oven - obviously still a work in progress! 

He'd planned to have a fire Friday and maybe Saturday but we had a very late Airbnb booking on Friday afternoon so the fire had to be put on hold. He also managed to finish the little house from where we can now sell our eggs - I LOVE it! 

Due to the lateness of getting back from the eisteddfod I was unable to get my food shopping done so we had a cheeky Chinese takeaway for tea.

Sunday morning brought Mothering Sunday and I was greeted with a cup of coffee and I received these lovely cards...

and this lovely new spade and fork. Eeeek!

I quickly made a lemon cake, packed it up with some berries and got everybody fed breakfast then we had to wait until the Airbnb guests left, which was a little later than we had hoped, before we headed off to visit Dawn and Martin over at Doing It For Ourselves In Wales. We had all been looking forward to the visit and it was a lovely drive as, again, the weather was glorious; when we arrived we were met by the lovely Sol and Tess. 

We had a great time; the boys had been excited about seeing the Alpacas so we collected some branches for the goats as the same time as walking up the land to find them. 

We had hoped the goat kids might have arrived by the time we did but not yet, though not long by all accounts! We had a walk around the Poly Tunnels so see what Dawn has going on then we had a most delicious homemade soup of Wild Garlic with Dawn's flatbread and home raised ham for lunch. Mmmmm!

Just before we left I took a look at Dawn's cabin and afterwards told Jon he should be grateful I don't have a stash like that! There was time for a photo with the dogs before we left to get home for Alfie's piano lesson. We had a really lovely time, and no need for wellies!

When home we were very chuffed to find that the four boxes of eggs we left had all been taken and paid for. Yay! Just in time to pay for the next sack of laying pellets - I love it when a plan comes together as we had no outlay to make the house with the wood coming from the sawmill and the roof slates we acquired for another project! I had just about 20 minutes to do a bit of work on the new veg patch we have created alongside the fruit area before taking Alfie and I used my new fork! I have sown 20 kernels because I have decided to use the patch for that and carrots as we have more room here than the patch I used last year for the corn let alone the carrots.

After tea Jon and I settled down and later on really enjoyed the beginning of the new series of Line Of Duty - just fab!

Right, I have a big basket of clothes to fold up so I'm going to get a brew and do that. I go to Slimming World this evening and I hope, this week to have good news on my progress.

Bye for now.



  1. Wonderful news on the egg sales let hope it continues, the pizza oven is looking fab :-)

    1. Thanks Dawn, yes really chuffed with the eggs. Pizza oven is a no-rain-let's-get-on-with-it project! and can't WAIT to have homemade pizza by the fire pit with lots of yummy goodies!

  2. As Dawn said, the oven is looking great, so professional looking already and it's not even finished! I'm so pleased your egg venture paid off, literally! Long may it continue. You'll be buying more soon lol. Did you get the ducks sorted yet?
    Sounds like the boys have had you earning your money as Mum :) they will be grateful I am sure xx

    1. Thanks chic. Imagine my sausage-filled crust pizza cooked in there?! No ducks yet, hopefully in a couple of weeks. Yes I am Taxi of Mum but things have eased off a bit now!x


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