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Spring Life In The Garden.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Poly House Progress


This post is really a record for me to look back on to see where I was up to with seed sowing and growing.

This year I am growing a few flowers. These are two types of  sweet pea, one called Bijou which needs no support and grows in a bush type way to go at the front door and the other to be planted our around the climbing peas.

Here are French marigolds to go around the climbing beans, if I can fit them between those and the squash! (I sowed a few extra of these today.)

I've also decided to give sunflowers another go as failed last year.

This is my first stab at spinach. I had it covered with fleece but have taken that off now as the Poly House is warming up a bit. Had the door open for a while yesterday because there was a lot of condensation.

Seeds for cress came in a multi pack so thought I'd give it a go.

 Here are radishes, again some extra seeds were put in yesterday; I just thought this box was useful so decided on radishes!

I have three trays of beetroot and that is doing very nicely.

These are Golden Acre cabbages and hope to plant these out next month and they can hopefully be harvested from July onwards. They are described as being perfect to grow where you don't have too much space which is great for the bed I have designated for them along with broccoli.

Next up are one of the tomato varieties I will be growing and they are called Cuor di Bue -a kind of plum tomato.

I have also started off some Italian beef toms and cherry ones; I need to check roughly how many plants I will have to make sure I've enough space! I figure I can put a few plants at the door with the eggs if I end up with some extra.

I'm hoping to grow two types of aubergine and these are Black Beauty and Long Purple; just starting to come on.

 These are my climbing peas which are showing very nicely.

I have another drainpipe of them which were started a bit later on. Luckily we have a couple more spare drainpipes that I can use for the climbing beans, too, when it is time to sow them - soon I think.

On Wednesday evening we made the best of the dry weather and cut off the tops of some of the trees that were hanging over the road at the side of the house; these will be added to the fire pile which is just beyond this pile of branches!

Yesterday I put 20 kernels in pots as I've decided to grow sweetcorn in the new patch we are mid-way through creating. There is a lot more space there than the bed I used last year, plus corn is something we all eat; we had some good results last year but look forward to an increase in the harvest this year. It's all about growing as much of the things we all eat as possible. I've now decided I'll grow carrots alongside the sweetcorn as the soil in the new patch is really looking good for carrots, not clay-ish and more free draining as they say I think!

Ok, that is it or I'm in danger of rambling.

Hope everybody has a lovely weekend and I will have a post about a family visit we are very much looking forward to making on Sunday. We also hope to get some jobs done in the garden, oh and Happy Mothers' Day!

Bye for now.



  1. Lovely catch up Lou. You're growing is coming on beautifully, very impressive. I'm getting some carrots and parsnips in tomorrow plus a load of other things that need a bit of bottom heat indoors.
    Happy Mother's Day for Sunday though will speak to you before then xx

    1. Thanks chic. Sorry I was so tired for a proper catch up today.x

  2. Your veggies are looking great I hope it continues for you, You have reminded me to get sunflowers on the go :-)do you watch gardeners world its on friday evenings bbc2 8pm repeated again on sunday morning, its great for reminding you of what you should be doing :-)

    1. Thanks Dawn. I'll try and remember to get Gardeners World on the iplayer.

  3. Looking good! No way can I grow sweet peas though, just looking at them sends my hay fever into overdrive!

    1. Thanks. Sorry to hear that about the Sweet Peas Kev but hope you are able to have some flowers to enjoy.


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