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Spring Life In The Garden.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Spring Is On the Way. I Think!

Storm Doris is blowing her best outside just now and forcing her way down the floo(?) of the Rayburn by the sounds of it!

However, whilst in the garden yesterday, along with the daffs which are peeking through, I could just see signs of the snowdrops which I also thought I had lost with the work we did on the garden recently. Soo pleased.

Yesterday I got round to giving my store cupboard in the kitchen a lick of paint. It was not going to be a big job as the aim was simply to brighten up the space and make it look cleaner. I brushed the walls down and got rid of all the cobwebs then made a start. It is a really useful cupboard but I don't have any more shelves than I need in it as it would then just become a dumping ground. No clutter in there!

The seeds I started off on January 17 are coming into life, especially the Spring Onions on the left, and even the cherry tomatoes are showing signs, on the right. Yesterday I moved all the trays into the conservatory as it really was quite warm in there but put them back in the evening, along with it being 60 degrees in the Poly House early afternoon.

Cooking still involves comfort food just now including pies and casseroles so tonight is sausage casserole; also sausages cooked in Mango Chutney - thanks to Tracy at Our Smallholding Adventure; she is making her own Mango Chutney and suggested this- mmm!

Whilst in Craft at the weekend Jon came across a bargain for the next room we are refurbishing to let out; a fantastic heated towel rail for just £10. Yay!

A few days ago I received the last lot of seed spuds I had ordered from Thompson & Morgan and the Charlottes also came with a pair of potato gloves, a bag to grow each ot the five tubers in and a stack of seeds. The spuds are in the dark in the cellar room until time to chit them.

Right, I think that is it for today - bread is proving and there is baking to be done for the cake tin, again; no sugar-free February in this house!. 

Stay safe everybody with the stormy winds some of us are having and we'll catch up soon.

Bye for now.



  1. Thanks for the link :) - I am going to do the sausages this weekend, mmmm!
    I forgot those gloves were potato gloves!
    The cupboard/room looks a lot brighter as you say now, another good job done, I bet you were pleased when you finished it.
    That is a real bargain for the towel rail, it's great finding things as you go along isn't it?
    I love the photo of the snowdrops coming up, I love to see the signs that Spring isn't far round the corner. Makes me happy :)

  2. The wind is howling here across the mountain top, I havent started my seeds yet but its all ready to go,


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