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Spring Life In The Garden.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Spinach, Spuds and Sprouting Seeds!

I got outside and did a bit today in between the few rain showers we had. Bit more sowing and growing news.

I was reading a magazine and I saw a spinach and ricotta recipe and I thought I'm going to grow that, spinach not ricotta,  if I can do it in a container. I had some seeds in my box so these have been started in the Poly House with a plastic bottle cloche to keep them warm.

At the far end of the garden we have loads of snowdrops!

I have been looking as my spud campaign which, to be honest is something I am a bit nervous about because it is such a big part of the sowing and growing. Here are my three lots of spuds chitting nicely.

Not sure that the Arran Pilot should have black sprouts on them. The others have been in the cellar until today but are now in the conservatory. If they start turning black I'll put them back there!

 I creosoted the base of the Belfast sink today so that is another job properly finished. I also measured it today and at 96 x 53cms so it is a really good size for the purpose for which it will be used.

Some exciting news on the seed front. I have spied shoots on both the cabbage and beetroot seeds which were sown on Feb 3.

I have put to soak both Alfalfa seeds, keep calling them Falafal­čść and Spicy Salad Sprouts.
I had some muslin, not Muslim! and a couple of rubber bands so job done until tomorrow.

I have also pruned the apple tree, for what it's worth so chuffed with a few jobs completed.

Oh and in other news, I went to my SW weigh in on Monday and I lost 6lbs! This is quite normal to somebody new to the plan but I fully intend to lose at least 1lb so I have lost half a stone by next week!

Right that is for now. Looking forward to planning some jobs for next week when the boys spend half term with the Gramps; we'll miss them but they'll enjoy themselves and we have some tidying up in their rooms to do.

By for now. 



  1. they are not black but purple and very normal, they will have darker stems, some produce white/red/green or purple sprouts :-)

    1. Ah, thanks Dawn. It was just that I've never seen shoots any other colour than how they are on the other two varieties.

  2. A few of mine have darker chits too, wait until you get the blue ones :D.
    I am going to borrow your idea of the plastic bottles on their sides - I can't believe I haven't thought of that to put along with my upright ones !
    Excellent weight loss results there. Can we combine it with my 4 and say we're finished hahaha! xx

  3. Can't wait to get the blue spuds!Yes, lets put yours and my loss together!x

  4. Nice job on the bottle cloches, always good to get some extra use out of plastic goods before they are thrown away

    1. Thanks TW. I needed something long to cover the row of seeds.

  5. You don't want the shoots to be too white and straggly so yours are fine.
    In our dry bit of England spinach runs to seed too quickly so I always grew chard but probably you will be OK over there!
    Well done of the SW result

    1. Thanks Sue. So excited about a good spud crop this year. I hope the spinach is ok. I just said to somebody that I keep thinking I'll grow this that and the other and then have to figure out a home for them!


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