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Spring Life In The Garden.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Pounds, Sinks and Fence!

On Tuesday evening we were in Aber and on the spur of the moment I decided to join Fat Club

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I have always been a Weight Watchers girl since I first attended to lose a few pounds before Jon and I were married, then after having and losing babies. However, I enjoyed the meeting and really did need some structure to shifting the weight - a bit more than I thought after my initial weigh in to be honest but never mind. I have joined I guess what you would call a virtual fitness challenge by pledging to walk the equivalent of the London Marathon. I has already figured out a two mile walk so I am using that three times a week, two done already and with the weather being bright and cold it is a lovely time to be out. So watch this space for some, hopefully, positive updates.

So out on my walk out on Wednesday (second of the two so far) I saw the first daffs near to home that are in flower along with some snowdrops. (No photos as I try to have my walks free of everything apart from what is around me.)  Love it! Spring is surely on the way and I have so many daffs in the garden, more than I thought I had which I think have been churned up with recent work which is great.

Jon has finished the fence building in the back so my task was to do the creosote painting. Had great weather for it this last week so got my radio, a seat and set to it. I ran out of the stuff with just a few panels to go so purchased another container when out shopping on Friday so this coming week I am on it, hopefully.

Yesterday the boys began helping Jon clear the woodpile before it was being moved.

This is how the spot looks now...

and here is its new spot where the four of us moved it to this morning.

This will make it so much easier to fill up the house piles/baskets via the conservatory and we plan to build another kindling store and alongside that a coal bunker;  this be abe to be filled from the roadside. A really useful project that will be ready and in use next Winter.

This morning I have also got ready the Belfast sink for my spring onions and lettuces. I'm so chuffed with this and just hope they grow as planned.

First of all I put a layer of stones for drainage on the bottom; there is of course a plug hole, quite a big one, but as the sink is level this does not help too much and it is in the corner.

Then I put in some bought compost, some of my own and some blood and bone meal along with the compost from our not very successful mushroom growing kits.

Final result is a really useful sink full of earth ready to grow in. I plan on creosoting the base so, hopefully, snails and slugs find it tricky to climb up if they fancy a nibble on the lettuces!

Also today Jon has made me a new gate so we can keep the chickens out of the growing area; a little rustic affair! You can see where the sink is from here, too, and where the water butt has been moved to the other end of the room to let. 

We are chuffed to bits how things are coming along outside and all of our achievements! I can't begin to go into all the talk we have had today about the plans we have for the future; we are fit to burst about how we know it will all work out for us but I am sure I will share it at some point!

Right must dash as I can hear the drier beeping and me and Alfie are heading out for his piano lesson at 6pm. I normally wait in the car but it is soooo cold tonight that I think I will sit in this time!

Bye for now.



  1. Oh dear sorry to hear about your mushroom fail, you might find them popping up in the sink later in the year, having the firewood near the house is a good idea especially hen its peeing down or blowing a gale

    1. Ha, that would be fun if they did. Please tell me I have done ok with the sink prep? Blowing a gale today, inside jobs for me!

  2. Well done on your commitment to walking and losing a few pounds :) you're doing amazingly already.
    I have just ordered mushrooms as part of my mammoth order thanks to Tesco! We can but try, right?
    The sink looks great and I look forward to photos when things start to grow in it.
    Having the logs via easier access is so much better in the long run isn't it? x

    1. Thanks.x Weigh in this evening, gulp! Oooh I was wondering what you were going to order. We had a couple of mushers but then they just faded. Will try another time I am sure - good luck with yours. Thanks, I so hope the sink project does work. x

  3. Love your belfast sink. I planted our old one up with herbs a few years ago. Contains the mint perfectly. Good for you committing to the walking. I've got back into the habit of doing about a couple of miles a day, and I can feel the difference already.

    1. Hi Cheryl. Thanks re the sink. We were so lucky to find two overgrown normal sized ones plus the shallow one in the garden when we bought Bronllan. We gave one away and indeed have herbs in the other. I enjoy the walking and yes I think I feel the change a little, too.

  4. Excellent work moving the log store. Ours is a little wonky and I want to take it down before we well to make the garden look bigger. An excuse to be warm constantly I think!

    I love the edge on the belfast sink it is a pretty detail.

    1. Thanks Sol. It was a little tricky with me and Jon moving it with a 10yr old and a 9yr old but job done. Thank you, yes the sink is fab isn't it.


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