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Spring Life In The Garden.

Monday, 9 January 2017

Getting Back In The Swing Of Things.


How are you doing? Just a little catch up with the first week of the new year, getting back to normal routines, kids to school, bread baking etc.

This is probably not in the right order but never mind.

We have had the first, be it 4 days, week back at school. The boys are going to a new Sports Club at school on a Wednesday so I pick them up instead of them coming home on the taxi bus. 

Harry is taking part in a cookery competition at Urdd this month; we have had the first practise of making Cauliflower Tabbouleh and it was really yummy with the burgers we had on Saturday night.

A fairly big thing is that we have made the decision to keep two cars. We bought one to do up and sell but Jon decided it was a very good car; seven seats, tow bar but I didn't like it but was willing to use it. However, the blue one which we bought a while ago is a little cracker I love it. We had paid off the tax off in one go and when we discovered the insurance was less than £15 a month we decided to keep both. It is very economical, £35 to fill it and does 50 to the gallon, so I can whip about fetching the boys from various things and do the food shopping on a Friday instead of having to do it at the weekend spoiling family time. 

I've been looking for a pair of mantlepiece dogs for ages and we saw some in Craft in Aber at the weekend. They were £15 but I seen odd ones before for £10 on their own. Look!!

I also found this lovely little marmalade pot in a charity shop and reminded me of one we used to have when I was young.

News from the outdoors includes the progress of our garlic...

glove is there for scale!

Then we are making some changes to the fire pit area to improve our outdoor eating experience. Jon used the sleepers from the last flower bed we took up to make the narrow table at the tip of the picture and the horizontal pieces are on top of narrow logs to section off the area and also for people to stand against. A little bit of work to finish but looking good.

This stone plinth is the base for what will become our pizza oven.

We have a very cheeky little robin who comes in the garden a lot. We put some cake on the kitchen window sill and after a few minutes here it came.

I have treated myself to a laminator. This is good if I want to keep anything special of the the boys, a really nice photo plus, of course, cutting down on paper when I can keep a dry wipe list of something instead of always printing off. I will always have paper things because that is me but for a checklist in each of the letting rooms, wipeable things we will need for the bed and breakfast etc I can see if being very useful.

Right, must dash now. I have cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom today, which took an age, and I mean that involves toothbrushes in nooks and crannies. on did some work on it a few days ago by adding this lovely splashback, for want of a better word, to the bath surround.

I have also baked two loaves, vacuumed everywhere and prepared the veg for tea so going to have a brew now and get the rest of tea ready.

Bye for now.



  1. I like having two cars, gives me some independence, I wouldnt like to make my arrangements around a car share, I should think as your boys get older you will find more need for 2 cars, look forward to seeing progress on the pizza oven.

    1. Yes, the thing with the boys is already apparent!I do enjoy being able to go food shopping not at the weekend and if I just find I need to pop out I can. We have to get something like a birthing ball to make the shape of the oven!

  2. I second what you have said about the cars.
    Oh my I love, love, love the outdoor area, I think I might borrow this idea if you don't mind! Also the pizza oven will be amazing, memories in the making there. Your garlic seems to be doing fabulously. I think mine is smaller. Hopefully plenty of time yet.
    I love your robin friend, I bet he would end up eating from your hand!
    Love the fact Harry is taking part in a cookery competition and I hope he enjoys it.
    Can you believe I've never seen mantelpiece dogs before! I bet you slept like a log after all that work! xx

    1. Glad you like the fire pit area, feel free to borrow. I did sleep well.x

  3. Hi there i found your blog whilst blog hoping this evening, i shall follow with interest :D
    Sammie xx

  4. You are super industrious!!! I have done not much today at all!!! Could you use sand to make the dome shape for the pizza oven sinking some form of pipe into it so you have the pipe hole for a chimney or dont they have them? I am not sure. I will be excited for you to see how it turns out. Hope the weather isnt too windy there. It is gusty here

    I couldnt give up my car, there is only one bus a day from here. I like the independence it gives me. Not that I go to a lot of places on my own. But I like the idea of it, if I needed to - I could.

    1. Hi Sol. I have to say, we do like to be busy. I don't think you must have a chimney on a pizza oven, there are differing views. The weather is proper cold and windy with a mainly clear sky. Not sure if we will get snow but we're ready for it. Glad I had the car this morning as needed to get the two boys to school separately.


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