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Spring Life In The Garden.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Excited About The Coming Months!

Yes! Sowing and growing is here finally! As last year I only started sowing seeds in April, very late to the party, I am super excited about getting things started for the coming seasons. I just about have all the seeds I need after finding some climbing bean ones at the weekend. I also picked up some sprouting seeds which I have never eaten before let alone grown so we'll see how we get along with those. I couldn't resist the Mixed Field Flowers as I just want to throw them in the garden somewhere with gay abandon and hope for the best; pennies if they don't work. I'm not too bothered about having that many flowers in the garden but really like the idea of the randomness of wild flowers. I still cannot find any mild, sweet chilli seeds; we don't want to grow hot ones and I really want to make sweet chilli sauce as Harry especially likes it.


I also recently picked up some Poppy, Cornflower and Marigold seeds. I have plans for the poppies but not sure about the others; I think Marigolds can be planted as a deterrent to something but will have to check what?

In readiness I have made myself a little dibber with a lovely smooth piece of driftwood we found on the beach in Aber. One side is in inches...

and the other in centimetres.

We celebrated Alfie's birthday at the weekend and amongst his presents were there fab 3d goggles from a very good friend of ours.

On Sunday I decided to take up some of the leeks I have been growing... Well, they look healthy even though they are quite small, baby leeks I think I'll call them!

I did put them in late last year so that is probably why they are small; starting earlier this year! Made a big pot of veg soup for lunch on Saturday and the boys thought it was lovely. Harry was not so impressed when I told him I would be growing everything that was in it - sweet spuds, leeks, onions, carrots, courgettes, peppers - as he always says he doesn't like leeks or courgettes!

Ok, needs must and I must get some baking done and there is a small pile of ironing to deal with. It didn't seem so cold first thing but the rain looks as though it may be on its way and it does feel a little cooler just now. The Rayburn is lit so i think the wood burner will be roaring after lunchtime.

Looking forward to seeing what everybody has been up to over the weekend and plan for the coming days.

Bye for now.



  1. It's so exciting isn't it? Reading about you getting a roaring fire going made me smile, that's something I love to say and see! Those leeks look great to me, mine were similar.
    Hope Alfie enjoyed his birthday, a very thoughtful gift there :)
    In my last order (that I shouldn't have ordered but did) I bought some sweet peas. I can't remember what it is you grow them against, but they deter something just like your marigolds,....it'll all be second nature one day lol xx

    1. I have grown sweet peas against a wall in the past with netting tacked against it for them to cling to. I think they just need to grow against something. Was looking up marigolds and you can plant them near your tomatoes.x

  2. Marigolds are good with the toms to deter greenfly,
    love your dibber, I am starting a few seeds this week

  3. Oh hello. Are you having fun with your friend? At last I have a bit of companion planting right!I was chuffed with my dibber and I love the piece of wood as it is so smooth. I cannot wait to properly get going; look forward to seeing what you are starting off!

  4. those leeks look gorgeous! Baby ones are always best.
    Love the dibber. Totally perfect. x

  5. Sadly with moving we have no garden plans as yet, something that we usually start to do in January. The leeks look good, mine were usually quite small too but tasted good.

  6. It will be a challenge gardening on Lewis depending on where you will be living. Very exciting. Hope to take up the rest of the leeks soon.


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