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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Breakfast, Beginnings and Boxes.

New Year's Day breakfast consisted of using up a couple of things, namely cranberries and bananas.

Therefore the order of the day was a smoothie for Alfie...

and pancakes for me and Harry. He loves crispy bacon on his pancakes, as do I, so I made plain ones for him and fruit ones for me. I'm going to be honest with you, though, 

he wasn't keen on the banana-base of the pancakes so just ate his bacon on a sandwich instead!

Never mind, here is my New Year decoration that I put out for January to remind me of new beginnings and what is to come, good things hopefully!

Forgot to say that on New Year's Eve we shared our Box of Experiences. From January to December 2016 I have been writing down whenever  we did something as a family or when something good happened worth remembering,

so we took turns reading about the things we had done and it was quite fun in the end - NOTE TO SELF: write or type the words next year, or improve my writing for the benefit of the boys!

I am on my own today for the first time in two weeks as the boys are Jon are back to their routines. I have taken down a lot of the decorations and will do the tree tomorrow. I am now looking now I can spruce up the house now we are looking a little bare but thought I would leave fairy lights on the dresser in the downstairs kitchen as it is something sparkly to look at on a bit of a grey day.

Onwards and upwards - Rayburn crackling, washing on, chooks fed, coal bucket filled and now must get on with a few things for an hour or so before lunch and then decide on tea - leek and potato soup from a few bits in the bottom of the veg.

Loving hearing about everybody's plans for the new year - keep 'em coming!

Bye for now.  



  1. I leave a string of fairy lights above the Aga each year. Does brighten up on a cold Winter day.

  2. Fairy lights are amazing, they make me smile each time I see them :) brightens up the darkest of days!
    You are simply wonderful with all of the ideas you have. We did the memories pot but I'm afraid it didn't last the whole year. I will try harder this year. The new year decoration is amazing xx

    1. Yes they do!I think I made the decoration about 4 years ago. Lovely 'chat' this evening

  3. I "poured" some little golden star fairy lights into a jar with clear baubles in it and it looks so gorgeous we are using it every evening now as backlighting.

    Plans for 2017? Oh gosh, getting back to crafting would be nice again. I need to research a Literary talk I've been asked to give. I need to try and keep on top of the garden this year. Oh, and carry on walking as much as I can, every day, eating less and losing a bit more weight.

  4. Hi BB. Just can't go wrong with fairy lights. Some plans there for the new year, great! What is your talk on?


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