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Spring Life In The Garden.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Bit Of A Mish Mash.


Thought I would post about a few random things. 

This is all of the plant pots which came my way for 99p. Chuffed to bits I have sooo many and that they were all clean barring a couple.

I was in the Poly House this morning and took this photo across the fields at the back of the house.

Didn't need a coat and hardly needed my jumper. I was having a bit of a tidy up re the above but I have now gone off piste regarding my sowing and growing plan! Today I have sown these seeds:

two trays of spring onions
one of Gardener's Delight toms
one including sweet peppers and piquant peppers

The trays are mainly from when I buy chicken breasts; they are a great size so I just pierce some holes in the bottom of them for a bit of drainage.

I have put them in the window sill in the top kitchen and will cover them with something to help the germination process when I get a minute. This window gets quite a lot of sun whilst it is still a little too cool to put them in the conservatory, although it is a lovely day today and quite mild and dry. Yay!

I also emptied the compost that was in the fixed drainpipe in the Poly House. I have put this at the end of the main veg patch as I'm going to add it to this area when I do some digging over; I'm always a bit unsure about whether or not you should re-use compost.

Ah, yesterday two lots of my seed potatoes arrived from Thompson & Morgan,

as you can see they are Maris Piper and Arran Pilot. I need to get them chitting soon, probably this month rather than next.

This is funny. Jon and I love the Rayburn and he decided to have 10 minutes the other night!

Following on from that photo this one is a little self indulgent as it shows just what the Rayburn is all about; fresh bread, sausage casserole tea for tonight and a brew!

Whilst in the garden this morning I nearly squealed with delight. I was convinced I would have lost all my daffs from when we had the garden scraped down with the digger, but no!

Plenty in evidence here and I am soooo grateful because I just loved being able to pick them from the garden to have them in the house!I MUST get the last of my bulbs put in SOMEWHERE!

This is something small that pleases. The last time Jon's Dad came to visit he brought us some lovely rope for the airer in the kitchen; it makes it run so smoothly now, just great.

Well I think that is that for today. Got a few jobs around the house to do now before the boys come home.

bye for now. 



  1. The funniest thing is this post didn't seem random to me at all, loved it and followed it easily. Maybe I am just on the same wavelength lol.
    Check you out with the sowing - are you making notes of it all, or is that a silly question? :)
    Love the Rayburn photos and if you can't be self indulgent on your own blog then where can you be!
    One of my favourite blog photos that I did last year was the bright yellow daffs :) Spring is on the way. xx

  2. I have just set my potatoes to chit today, I will be sowing in the next week or so :-)

  3. I love my Aga too. Works all day for me. Smiled at the photo of your Rayburn cooking to capacity. Have to admit, I love the problem of not being able to fit anything else in.

    Must get sowing this weekend.


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