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Spring Life In The Garden.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

2016 Photo by Photo.

Happy New Year to everybody.

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I just tried to choose a photo from each month of the year and got as far as February. No, can't do it so I chose these just to show some achievements I was very proud of and things we enjoyed as a family.

Having the wonderful Poly House Jon built up and running was amazing.

Jon shot a rabbit in the garden and it was a family effort to skin, gut and cook it. Delish.

Our boys received the most improved Welsh award at the end of the school year and we were soooo proud!

I picked lots of blackberries and made everything from crumbles to pies to pastries with them. On my list this year is blackberry vodka in time for next Christmas!

I loved that I could make soup out of our own courgettes, beans and tomatoes!

We have created a fantastic parking area out of part of the garden we just were not using.

and enjoyed our second Christmas in the home of our dreams

It is great to look back on the year, and we have achieved so much but I there is sooo much to look forward to in 2017.

We have plans to get the second room to let finished as soon as we can, but of course keep promoting the one we have outside of Airbnb to increase our earning potential. I have set up a Twitter account, not keen on it but I am trying to link in with lots of events in the local area where people may need a bed for the night! 

I am full of plans to get our harvest increased on every level. I am not growing anything exotic but just the things we will eat and things I can hopefully preserve, too, so as to build up our store a bit more. I have already on order my sweet potatoes and regular spuds and have lots of seeds ready to make use of. I have more space this coming year because of the tyres and the bed I am not using for sweet corn again this year so really hope to give it a proper go this year. I have the veg patch and everything set out for what will go where.

I intend to sell some of our eggs and use the proceeds as a fun to feed the girls and buy straw etc. Should be able to start doing this as soon as we get a bit more light in the day.

Right, enough talk and rambling. Let's get on with this new year and look to it being wonderful in every way you wish and hope for.

Bye for now.



  1. Happy New Year to you and your family. You have so much to be proud of from your first year in your dream home.

    Love the header photo.xx

    1. Thanks Sadie and to you. We have managed a lot and I am so excited about the coming months. Eeeek!x Glad you like the photo; I hope the shelves will be groaning at some point!

  2. you have achieved so much this last year and I am sure you will go and achieve a lot more in 2017, you are getting off to a good start :-)
    ps love the new header photo

    1. Thank you Dawn. I will be checking in for reminders and tips for January sowing soon! I am so looking forward to getting started earlier than last year, with the chilli seeds you sent me first I think! I tried some of my pickled beetroot on Boxing Day and I'm so pleased it was yummy!

  3. What a lot you have achieved! I love looking back at our year. I'm determined to make even more use of our growing areas this year. Good luck with the sweetcorn.

  4. I bet you are super proud of yourselves, you should be. You have done amazingly and to think you haven't been there all that long, well done xx

  5. What a great way to review the year and look back on the best bits, I've enjoyed being along for the ride and althought I dont always comment I remember all of the things you've mentioned above, can't wait to see what you get up to this year, wishing all the best to you and your family for 2017

    1. TW, thanks so much for that!I don't always comment on all the blogs I read. I think you, Carly and your ninos, I don't think it is Andaluz they speak where you are, are going to have a fantastic adventure and life so good wishes for 2017 to you all.


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