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Wednesday, 21 December 2016

One Year Anniversary!

One year ago today the paperwork was complete. 

After taking the chance and moving to Bronllan before all was sorted this was the day, just over three months from arriving with all our worldly goods, that the house was ours.

Here is one the rambles I posted that day; how we have come on since and this the second.

Not going on too much; this is really a record for me of the past, present -  and future!

I am so pleased that I have all my friends out in Blogland from when I first began to write about our doings, and that I am so grateful I have collected new ones along the way.



  1. I can't see those, probably as I didn't get the link till later x Happy Anniversary house!!

  2. Happy Happy Happy days! Happy anniversary! I didn't realise you were in not too long before us, with everything you have managed I thought you had another year on us at least! :) Hats off to you all xx

    1. Ah bless you for that but I love seeing what you get up to because we HAVE been on this tremendous trip for about as long as we have.x


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