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Monday, 5 December 2016

Dec The Halls, And The Tree!

Well we are in full throttle as far as Christmas is concerned, and we LOVE it! We have given ourselves Elf names this year.

The front door and step have been dressed.

Today is Monday and we have been Busy at Bronllan, nothing new there!

On Friday it was Jake's turn for a little bath ready for Christmas. No photos I'm afraid, no spare hands but at least that job is done. Another little task was to order the turkey from the butcher in Tregaron and we can pick that up on Christmas Eve; the fridge freezer in the cellar store room with be switched on soon so it can sit in there - I read the other day that you should collect a fresh turkey as late as possible as butcher fridges are much more effective than domestic appliances. I also did a few of the inserts for the 1-24 garland and the other night we tried to sing the first two lines of Christmas songs or carols backwards!

As I said in my last post I started with the main decorations on Monday and we are now done downstairs. Here are some shots of the kitchen; I spend so much time in here that I love decorating.

This is a little dark but I wanted to make an effort decorating the windows this year.

I love having little things the boys have made dotted about, even if they are a couple of years old, and more paper chains!

This are two of my favourite handmade Christmas decs.

I have one of my little vignettes in the living room again this year and of course the paper chains and honeycomb decs are up, as you can see in the tree photo.(This year I have about eight of them both upstairs in the boys' rooms and downstairs.

In the evening it was the switching on of the tree lights in Bont. The tree is outside the community hall and the children from the boys' school are always invited to sing a few songs, there is a competition for Christmas craft projects and there are stalls, mince pies and hot drinks; here you get the idea.

Saturday was a bit of a mad day. In the morning I made bread and when Jon got back from an errand I popped across the road to look at our Winter fayre. I won some chocolates on one of the stalls! Whilst there Jon and the boys were outside finishing the fencing they started last weekend. After I fed the boys their lunch I took Alfie to his Stage School session, did the food shopping then picked him up later. When I got home a friend of Jon's was in the kitchen and there was great merriment as he had brought a leg of Serrano ham and the boys were dying for it to be cut; they loved it when we were in Menorca on holiday.

We settled down in the evening to watch Strictly which is VERY exciting at the moment!

On Sunday morning Jon fetched the tree from the Christmas tree farm a couple of miles up the road from us. I have to say a 6ft Nordman Fir for £30 is a flippin' good deal. After a bit of tidying up I set to baking the first two dozen mince pies including a few with a surprise pecan nut in; as I look at the plate now, however, there are just six left - now you understand why I make dozens of them in December. I will make two dozen tomorrow and one lot will go in the freezer!

I mentioned about using a lovely jar I found in a charity shop for slices of lemon and lime with cherries for drinks. Well on Sunday I sliced up the fruit and put it in the jar with the cherries and cooled sugar syrup. This is how the jar now looks and I think it looks great!

And so to this morning. After breakfast I brought the tree decorations up from the cellar and set to. I have to say I like to decorate the tree on my own; this is due to a slight case of OCD with me wanting everything just right. Here is the tree before the decorations....

and here we are when finished.

I particularly like the top of the tree;I don't have an angel or a traditional star but prefer something nice and simple.

It took me about three and a half hours from start to finish, including nipping off an unruly branch at the bottom to use as a decoration and tidying up afterwards. I have a box with the decorations the boys have made over the years (so pleased I put the date of lots of them) so they will be added later this evening.

Ok, that was a long post but I can't do one every day and there is a lot going on so this is my way.

Hope you enjoyed my ramblings, I'm sure there will be more in a few days.

By for now.



  1. absolutely, I enjoyed your ramblings! Such a lovely, and proper Christmas. You are making glorious memories for your boys. And I love, love, love the surprise nut in the mince pies! If I can ever be bothered to make any this year, I'm totally pinching that idea!
    your tree looks lovely. And yes, £30 for a Nordman is a corking bargain!


    1. You could put any kind of nut in them, even a candied peanut or something exotic like that.x

  2. I love your christmas preparations, lots of good family fun and frolics as it should be,I love the jar of fruits in syrup may steal that idea :-)

    1. Lovely chat this morning. Thanks for the advice re the chooks.

  3. Yum and beautiful. Love all your preparations. I can't make mince pies fast enough either. I'm sure it's a good sign. Totally lifting the idea of a surprise pecan.

    1. Made the second two dozen this afternoon and have the next lot of pastry in the fridge. Lift my nut idea no problem.

  4. What a lovely post. You are WAY ahead of me as I am still decorating the kitchen (and have a bathroom wall to do too) in advance of a Christmas viewing. I am away at my best friend's funeral next week too, so that is 3 days taken up and I really must start to do the night shift to get it all done in time.

    We are going to have two trees this year (because of making the house look extra special for the viewing). I just hope they DO turn up - the last two sets of people have cancelled (one at the very last moment).

    What lovely Christmas traditions you have for your family to remember in the future. Mince Pies - gosh, that is going to be a when I can't sleep for worrying job, I can see that . . .

    1. Thanks BB. I do hope your viewing goes well.x I would also wish that the funeral of your friend goes as well as it can do.x I try to make the best of things at Christmas as long as I can because my boys are growing up fast and in a few years we will have different kinds of Christmas. Boo hoo.

  5. Finally managed to catch up :) How hard is it to let others touch your tree LOL. Well done for writing dates on the boys' decorations. How thoughtful.
    We don't have a real tree this year but I am looking forward to having one next year or the year after when the dogs won't eat the needles and so on. Enjoy these Christmas times x

    1. Thanks for visiting Tracy. I can't bear anyone else decorating it, but sometimes I let them help me with the lights and tinsel! We were looking forward to a real one after having our white one last year. Funny how trees go in stages. When the boys were small we could never have anything on it for the bottom foot of it or it got grabbed. Luckily Jake has always been old enough not to bother. Phew!x


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