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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Friday, 30 December 2016

Crimbo Limbo or Twixmas!

This is my usual inbetween post after the festivities have calmed down before the newness of New Year that I really enjoy,although I'm a little later than normal as had photo issues!

We had a lovely time on Christmas Eve as we had a nice finger buffet and watched Elf, my very fav Christmas film although I am not a fan of Will Ferrell otherwise. The boys had their treat bags with new onesies, 

chocolate oranges and festive mugs for hot chocolate - however it has been too mild for them to really want a hot drink until yesterday - no photo! 

We also had a relaxing time on Christmas Day at home, just me and my three and had a yummy spread!

I received jimmers and slippers from the boys, a beautiful Welsh gold ring from Jon in the shape of a harp, a tea cup shaped bird feeder, an electric toothbrush plus a full, frilly apron and smellies and I had my fav Christmas tipple on the day - a snowball.

After opening our presents we had smoked salmon and bubbly for breakfast.

The boys had some fantastic electric scooters, basketball hoop and balls, clothes, books, battery powered flying 'things' etc. from us and various others and they declared it the best Christmas Day, ever!

On Boxing Day our neighbour and his lady friend came over for supper around 5pm and we really had a lovely couple of hours with them.

Sadie, hope you appreciate the fairy lights!

I have taken all the photos for my December Daily and look forward to putting that together over the next couple of weeks and sharing it with you. I'm not sure if I will do another next year; I don't like the pressure of having to take a good photo or collecting something for each day, but will of course complete this one.

We had to pop to Aber as I needed to change the ring; it was a little bit too big for me but now it is just perfect.

Nothing much else is happening here over the next couple of days apart from using up leftovers. I put the Christmas left-over veg, spuds and pigs in blankets plus a spoonful of cranberry sauce (there wasn't too much left over) into a pan and made up some soup putting four servings into the freezer. 

Not the most appetising of colours but it tasted yummy.! Jon made a big pie to use up the turkey; nothing is going to waste!

That is about it really. The day before yesterday I thought I had lost one of my best earrings AND my January issue of Grow Your Own but pleased to say I have now found both! Last night I did a bit of New Year sowing and growing planning. I also pulled out all my Country Living mags from the year and started my usual read through for any recipes, ideas etc that I want to keep.

Ok, a chilly wet day today so not sure what is in store for us. 

Don't think I'll be back until the New Year so best wishes for a wonderful, peaceful year to everybody and to those sowing and growing for the coming seasons lets hope it is a very productive time. 

I just would also like to say that it has meant so very, very much to me to 'meet' and keep in touch with so many lovely people out there in Blogland this year. I have had lots of help, hints, tips, advice about things, and made some special friendships; to you and yours I send special love and wishes for 2017.

Bye for now.



  1. Happy new year to you and yours, Lou! Love reading your posts here in California, hearing about your traditions and day to day doings, as well as seeing your beautiful pics. Looking forward to what's in store for 2017!

    1. Happy New Year, Kathleen. Lovely to know you are still reading my blog. Yes, I am looking forward to 2017. The new year always gives you the chance to start over, try new things and who knows what else.

  2. such a lovely post, and full of so much good food! I really need to jump aboard with the soup making, I've never done it but keep seeing people make their own, it always looks so good!

    Had to laugh when I saw your comment! Yes! I very much approve of the fairy light action on the table!!

    Wishing you a very happy 2017, I cannot believe it's here already!

  3. Here's to a new exciting 2017 I hope its a wonderful one for you and your family

  4. You sound like you have had a wonderful time. Food, family and friends. Perfect. The ring sounds lovey. My daughter plays the harp, so I do have a soft spot for anything that shape. Hope 2017 is good for you all.

  5. Thank you for all of your new year posts. Cheryl you have inspired me to look back at something from each month of the year, may do a post this week about that. Yes Dawn soooo looking forward to what 2017 will bring. Yes, Sadie, it is here; bring it on for a better one that the last for a lot of reasons.xx


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