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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Christmas Catch Up. 11 Days To Go To The Big Ho Ho Ho!

It was only Friday when I last posted but it really seems an absolute age away! 
I forgot to say in that post that I ate for breakfast the first two mushrooms I have grown, along with one of our eggs on my home baked bread for breakfast. 

Can it get much better than that, really?!

Talking of chickens we are also doing our bit regarding the bird flu thing. I am hoping that the ban is lifted sooner than the allotted time to be honest. Also the one that was seriously malting is growing its feathers back as far as I can see, thankfully. Ho hum, life goes on.

On Saturday morning we were doing jobs in and out. Jon and the boys were carrying on with the wall project and I was inside cooking breakfast and getting tidied up before we went out at lunchtime.

The Gramps were coming to stay a couple of days and also to see Alfie's Stage School Showcase so we finished up and met them in Aber for a cuppa before the performance. It was just great to see him joining in with stuff and the children from the other groups.

When we came home we were just enjoying some family time and had a Chinese takeaway in the evening. I was very pleased we decided not to go out to eat as it was the Strictly semis and boy was it Glitter-ball Tastic! A-maze-ing!!!

Sunday morning I was up early making a big pea and ham pie and yet more mince pies as we had two friends coming to see us, so we were going to be eight for lunch. (I will say at this point since December 4 I have made 11 dozen mince pies!!) When our friends left I made my second batch of mincemeat, same amount as last time which had a base of 2lbs of dried fruit plus everything else; at least I know how many pies I can get from it.

I just make the lovely Mary Berry pastry for the ones I am baking off that day and then another lot for the next session. Good job I like making them! 

Jon and his dad continued to make progress on the parking area on Sunday and you can see it here looking just fantastic so far but still some work to do. Jon's dad is coming back for Monday when we have a digger being delivered so we can level it out ready for the gravel. At the same time we are going to gather up a big pile of the bamboo and green rubbish in the far corner of the garden and have a fire.

This is the view from the road with the new fencing in the background.

Then from the fence to the road...

followed by the new wall, and Jake, that's been built alongside the steps down to fire pit.

On Sunday evening we had a lovely meal out.

So, Monday morning found me making sure Alfie had his piano book and Harry his cornet as there was to be an assembly where all the children who were new to music lessons were playing.

I then popped into Aber with the Gramps for a spot of lunch and then came home in time to do a few inside chores before the boys came home and went out to get their Christmas presents and tea with the Gramps. Whilst they were out I made a little garland decoration for each of the boys' rooms with the tags I think I mentioned I bought at Waterstones. They both looked like this, just threaded onto paper ribbon.

And now we are at Tuesday which feels like a Monday because the Gramps went home this morning then the boys went to school. I've had breakfast, put the washer on, collected the eggs, made one lot of pastry for the pies, washed up, just taken some croutons out of the oven that I've made out of some loaf ends and I have my bread proving, too, whilst I do this.

I took a photo of the bottom kitchen window the other day and I love looking at this little vignette. I hope the hyacinths come into flower soon and that they are white - it wasn't possible to tell from the label on the pot they came in.

Ok it is now 11.30am and I will get the pies made and then it will be lunch time. That is a heck of a festive ramble but you know how it gets at this time of the year.

Bye for now.



  1. This post makes me all warm and happy inside. I bet Christmas is so warm and friendly at your house. I love that you're able to make a full meal from all your own stuff and that your Christmas decs include hand/home made. We have so many years ahead of us to explore these new ways and enjoy every minute of it. What a lovely family x

  2. Thanks chic. I'm starting to feel really festive now. The boys have their school xmas lunch tomorrow so no lunches to pack. Yay! Think I may put some presents under the tree tomorrow, just to cover the light wires of course...x

  3. Big mushroomy congrats, wow the parking area is really coming on, you are all working so hard.

  4. Thanks Dawn. We are lucky to have Jon's dad helping out just before Christmas, too.

  5. home grown mushrooms and your own chicken eggs - no, it doesn't get better than that. My idea of heaven!
    I love your life. It makes me think of Enid Blyton and the Famous Five. In a good way, I should add, in case you think I'm being facetious. you are definitely Queen of Mince Pies. That is a lot of mince pieage!

    December is zooming along too quickly. I'm trying to pin down a couple of days to make it last. That said, I am impatient for school to end, not until the rotten 20th! Argh! x

  6. Sorry Sadie for not replying to your comment until now. Oh you made me laugh when you said about Enid Blyton - no lashings of ginger beer here but I do make lemonade in the summer! I had a day off from mince pies yesterday but will be on it again tomorrow now Jon and the boys have broken up, gulp! I bet Violet is getting SOOOO excited. We are off for a lovely festive day in Aber today including lunch to get in the mood and to get our pressies, plus a new metal mop bucket for me - Jon is well known for mixing concrete in my last one, as recently as last week whilst building the new wall!!! but let him try it with my new one! Stretch those days sparkly lady!xx

  7. I am loving the new header! You are such a whirl wind of productivity. Makes me feel lazy! lol your mincemeat looks lush

    1. Thanks Sol. The banner is my boys last year. I have to say I love being busy and my husband finds it hard to sit still, but we are working towards getting the house and all as we would wish it. My mincemeat is pretty tasty as far as I'm concerned and the men in the house obviously love it!


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