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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Thursday, 1 December 2016

24 Sleeps To Go 'Till The Big Ho Ho!

Good evening.

And so it begins...

with the Christmas Countdown garland.

This morning I popped a couple of Christmas jokes in the boys' lunch boxes.

I have one for each day until they finish on December 16. 

I wasn't sure the boys would want to have things to find in the garland envelopes this year but Harry seemed a little disappointed when yesterday I told him they were empty. So, this morning I popped a joke in Number One for when they came home; will have to sort out the next few tomorrow.

Once the boys had gone to school this morning I set to with the beginning of a busy day. The Christmas CD went on and I set to with the decorations, starting with the kitchen as I normally do. There will be more photos later but this is how cosy the living room looked this evening, the mantlepiece dressed and lit. 

In between the decorations I managed to bake bread, a cherry oat bake, keep an eye on both fires and even get some lunch.

I'm looking forward to sharing more of Christmas as we do along and seeing everybody else's preparations and festive fun.

Bye for now.



  1. Loving it! I bet the boys have so many happy memories from all of your Christmases. I love peeking into someone elses life showing us how they celebrate. If you don't mind, I'm going to steal (borrow ;) ) the jokes in a lunch box idea. Grace will love that - Jack's not on packed lunches.
    Isn't there something so magical about sitting in a room where the only light is that of the Christmas lights or candles?
    I need a Christmas CD, ours never made it to the new house, or rather it will be in a box somewhere! Enjoy the countdown - we sure are xx

    1. My go to CD for the festivities is That's What I Call Christmas, 3 disks with everything from Bing Crosby to Band Aid but one of my fav songs was used in Elf (LOVE that film) by Stevie Wonder called What Christmas Means To Me.x

  2. You're really Christmassy already - I am still hurtling round with my paintbrush!! (We have a viewing on the 19th December, so decorations will be the last thing to go up.)

    1. I am! Apart from making the cake at eh beginning of November and the mincemeat at the end of that month I do no other prep really. But, come December 1st it is full throttle all the way to the big day! Good look with the viewing.

  3. Love the jokes, it reminded me of when ours were on packed lunches and every now and then, Martin would wrap a potato or onion in tin foil and pop it in there lunch boxes. :-)

  4. The jokes are a lovely idea and something for your boys to look forward to. I like listening to Christmas cds when decorating too, really adds something to the festivities x


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