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Spring Life In The Garden.

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Nature Taking Its Course.

On Sunday afternoon Jon brought one of the chickens indoors as it was looking a little under the weather. We kept it warm in a box with some straw, water and feed.

It seemed to rally a bit so I put it back in the enclosure at lunch time yesterday.

This morning I went to collect the eggs, but not before I had looked with the binoculars and could see what I was sure was the poorly one sitting in the door way at the top of the ramp to the hen house.

Sure enough when I got there she was just sitting there. I had taken a towel with me so I could pick her up and as I did she was totally floppy so deceided to put her somewhere cosy. I found a box in the shed and wrapped her in the towel. If she is still with us when Jon comes home I will ask him to do the decent thing.

All the other girls are on top form, eating, bright red combs etc but she was just not in a good way. As I picked her up I felt quite sad and really hadn't expected to do so.
(Not really a feeling I wanted just now.)

So, we have had our first of nature's casualties but I hope she enjoyed her short time with us, all the girls came to us on May 1, alwyas having had plenty of space to roam and scratch as well as having freedom of the garden at times.

We think we may replace her by getting a couple more as we have room for eight. We liked the amount of eggs six gave us but would gladly take more. On that subject, since we brought them home up until the end of October they have given us 781 eggs which is an average of 130 per chook over the six months. Not bad.

By for now.


  1. Ah, poor thing. I'm sure she has enjoyed her time with you, hope the boys aren't too upset x

    1. I think she did. The boys understand that nature has to step in sometime. X

  2. Oh that's so sad, at least she had a happy life with you.

  3. Sorry about your chook, you are making the right choices

  4. Well done for doing the right thing by her. So hard, but one of our jobs as owners isn't it? I am so jealous that you counted your eggs, I wish I had done this in 2016 - but it's going on the list for 2017 :) thanks xx

  5. She had a good life. Still sad though. That is really good going on the egg front.


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