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Spring Life In The Garden.

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Fireworks and Frost.

Happy Sunday everyone. This morning arrived crisp and bright with a slight frost.

It has been quite a busy weekend which began on Saturday with the boys bringing in the logs, me cleaning out the chickens and Jon getting more of the walls painted in the cellar room. We left for Aber after lunch and took a look in Kraft for the first time in a couple of weeks and and got a few bits for some jobs Jon was planning on doing in the afternoon.

Jon spied this wonderful plate in Kraft for £3 which will probably accommodate our entire Christimas lunch! 

The gingham fabric is for the cellar store room. ( I finished up getting it from Aberdashery; I wanted to make sure I got just the right amount, it was more than I intended to pay but it is great quality and there should be a bit left over for some small projects.)

In Kraft we also found this to use as an egg holder, 

a new handle for one of the kitchen window which needed replacing (wants a bit of filler) then we dropped Alfie off at his Stage School session. 

Oh, random photo from when I made meringues for the first time EVER the other day and I think they came out really well - taste great, too!

We had a few errands to run in town including me popping for my fabric, getting some keys cut, newspaper and stamps etc. then we picked up Alfie. He had a great time again and told us he has started to learn the Charleston for a little Christmas show!

We then went to take a look at the new, big Charlies that has opened and we found these;

we have wanted to try growing our own mushrooms for ages so will give it a try, and then finally we headed to Morrisons to buy fireworks.

Once home Jon sorted out new locks on the front door and the conservatory exterior and interior door leading into the kitchen. Yay!!! This is a god send as it means we no longer have to bring the shopping up the cellar steps as we can park across the road for now and when the work is done outside we can park at the side of the conservatory and come into the house that way.

I cooked off some sausages for hot dogs and some baked potatoes and we wrapped them all up, sorted out the fireworks then dressed up warm and made our way down to the field. It was the best place to have them away from the chickens, Jake and the sheep in the nearby field. We ate our hotdogs and chunks of baked spud whilst the boys painted the night sky with their sparklers. On the way back to the house we walked just by the light of the moon and stars and it was amazing.

This morning, once our Airbnb guests had left, the boys helped chop and bring in logs, I got the meat in the Rayburn and prepped the veg and spuds for late roasted lunch. Jon got on with the last of the painting in the cellar store room and look see!

Jon thought it was a great idea idea to finish the stone table tops in this red floor paint as the whole room white was a bit too much. We're getting there!

All jobs are done and our late lunch will be underway soon in time for us all to eat before Alfie goes to his piano lesson.

Hope you have had a lovely weekend and I'll be checking in this evening to hopefully catch up with all your doings.

Bye for now.



  1. Hi Lou, know it may have seem I have been a bit " non existent" but I always read your posts , my I am so so happy how you have settled and achieved so much in your new home and life here, love reading your news honey xx

  2. Ah, thanks Maria. Lovely to know you are still keeping in touch.xx

  3. The cellar looks great. Will you be using it as a pantry, and store all your preserves and things down there? It sounds like a lot of ticks were made this weekend, and certainly a very successful shopping day at Aber.

    Great meringues, and good luck with the Mushrooms.

  4. Hi BB. Yes the plan is to store large crockery, including the new plate we bought at Kraft, excess crokery that we don't use unless we have visitors, and indeed when I get some preserves done they will go there. (Hopefully beetroot will be the first.) I may also move all my preserving jars down there but I'm very excited about hanging the onions from the beam. All the paint should be dry by the end of tomorrow for sure and then Jon will look at putting some shelving in there and I need to get on with the curtaining. Sorry to go on but it is a project I thought in my life we wouldnever have. Oh and the mushrooms are going to be fun, too.xx


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