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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Weekly Wot Nots.

Good afternoon. 

Hoping to get most of this post done and then a couple of jobs before "Da da da da da da da, da da da da da, da da"  - bring it on, Sequin Central!

Most of this post is a catch up of stuff from the week, nothing too exciting but life can't be a "glitter" ball all the time! See what I did there?!

At the suggestion of you know who over at DIFOIW I have started some apple cider vinegar with some of the apples I was gifted.

The jar is a large at least 4 litre Kilner, probably more actually, and I have it sitting in the cellar room, which Jon is talking about starting work on very soon. Eeek!

I love Autumn!! My decorations are up! I normally just put things in the kitchen and the living room. This is the front kitchen window, very happy with this - I just love the colours. The book in the background is a Pretty Nostalgic issue which talks about Windfall recipes.

I took the berry and leaf sprig from the garden, the Gerberas in the terracotta pot are in a plastic bag with water in and I have used twine from my craft things along with a couple of the pots I bought from the vintage shop in Aber. The pumpkin was a really suitable size for the basket from Morrisons at 95p I think.

I always like to put something on top of the microwave to brighten it up. I found these fab gourds in Lidl at 99p I think and I can't bring myself to actually use them as food! The image is from another of my Pretty Nostalgic books being held open by some of the pegs I found in the quirky shop in Borth.

In the living room I keep this tea set out a lot of the time as the colour seems to go with lots of seasons. The books are my Beatrix Potter Squirel Nutkin, the old faithful The Magic Apple Tree by Susan Hill and A Country Diary Of An Edwardian Lady - all showing lovely Autumnal images.

On Friday I had a new neighbour and a friend round for cofffee and was very pleased to have these lovely roses on the table.

This week I have unfortunately finished something...

... my yummy fridge pickles I made with our own cucumbers. They were delicious and I may even make some when cucumbers are on super cheap at Lidl as I enjoyed them so much!

We have had a good day in Aber today, makes a change to just going in the food shopping them coming home - bit of a treat really but were also buying extra school trousers and sweaters for the the boys and a few other bits and pieces, and I bought this little lot!

I have a good diet in general but I really do have so much trouble with my joints at the moment Jon says I am grumpy at times and I just need a bit of get up and go now and then so will give these a try - must be my age!!! Jon calls it my permafrost (peri-menopause!) which always makes us both laugh!

We are heading out to the garden in the morning to sort out the area for the fruit trees and get a grasp on some of that cheeky bamboo that has come up in just a couple of places; will share before and afters later in the week.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and, as ever, I'll be keeping up to date with stuff going on out there in Blogland.

Bye for now.



  1. I do like the way you have used the books as decorations.

    1. Thanks Greta. I always seem to have something that fits a theme I have going, but my copies of Pretty Nostalgic are alwasy especially helpful.

  2. What a brilliant idea with the books (your favourites) open at suitable pages about the place. LOVE it. Mind you, my areas to display books are all incredibly untidy at the moment so it won't work until I have a HUGE tidy up.

    Thanks for reminding me I should be making more apple vinegar with my peelings (we have hundredweights of apples this year - happy to share them!) My under-the-sink stock for cleaning is getting low.

  3. Thanks BB. Yes I love using books and magazines for my little 'vignettes'! I read that you were overloaded with apples, fab. Very grateful for our generous neighbours until we get our little fruit growing area established.


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