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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Let Me Entertain You!

Well not me....

but hopefully my youngest. Alfie loves dancing, singing, acting, music and everything else that goes along with those things so I registered his name on the waiting list for the Act Two Stage School which is run at the Aberystwyth Arts Centre, last year I think. (I say school but it is each Saturday in term time for a couple of hours.)

This week I had an email saying a place had become available so we talked to him about it. He flatly refused because he said he didn't want to do things in front of people, just at home, and he also thought that just girls went and he would be the only boy. We reminded him of how fab he was in the Christmas show at his last school, when he had more words than anybody as he was the main narrator, how he didn't fluff his lines and that people constantly came up to me at school to say how wonderful he was.

Anyhow, we left it and I contacted the co-ordinator to say he didn't want to do it but she said we could go along on Saturday and he could give it a try; if he really didn't want to join the school then that was just fine.

A new week and Jon had a little chat with him yesterday and, unbekown to me, offered him a fiver just to go and give it a try and he has agreed! I felt slightly bad that we were bribing him as we are SOOOOO not pushy parents, but we do see on a daily basis that he has some talent that could be nurtured. Only yesterday afternoon he told me he had been given some more words for the Harvest Festival concert thing because he had already learnt his first lot.

Also, this morning he said he wasn't going this Saturday just becasue of the money. He asked if they did street dance and I said maybe and he said what kind of acting did they do and I said some serious but probably some comedy and he really liked the idea of that.

I am confident he will really enjoy it when he gets there because it is the perfect outlet for all that he enjoys doing. Last night he said he wanted to write his own song so Jon showed him how to print sheet music fromthe internet.

We are hoping he wants to stay and take part because he really wants to.

**** Just on the Follower thing I still can't see the list of followers which is very annoying!****

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  1. I can see you following gadget. its at 37 and your G+ is 36 for in your circle.

    I bet Alfie will love it. Encouragement is the way I see it not a bribe ;)


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