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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Monday, 24 October 2016

Hygge Heart-warming Happiness Here!

Whilst perusing Pinterest the other day I came across the word Hygge, pronounced hoo-ga. Without reading the details of the pin I kind of knew what they were getting at, and then it was on the radio today. 

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This is a little explantion of what I am talking about.


A few reasons I think my family are living a bit of a Hygge life are these;

* as a family we love sitting in the living room by the fire, no TV on (it's in the other room)     and just a side light on.

* there may be music on in the background, some of us may be reading or we are just talking.

* Autumn and Winter just cry out for lushious stew pots or deep filled pies to be enjoyed at our tea time table.

* a pot of tea instead of coffee whilst watching a film, as we did last night.

* snuggled up on the sofa with yummy, fluffy socks on.

As somebody said all of these things can be classed as Hygge but they are all so much better if there is a bit of a storm going on outside to make you feel extra cosy. Friends are a big part of Hygge too but we are more than happy to concentrate on the family side of it.

Do you feel Hygge?


  1. I love your list. Pretty much sounds like us. With the nights drawing in at the moment, I don't think you need a storm to get the enveloped, cosy feeling. Nothing like sitting by the fire.

    1. Even if I have the Rayburn lit the boys ask if we can light the woodburner as they love sitting or being by it.

  2. Same here, wood burner on. It makes everything feel SO cosy and I genuinely feel happy with life just from the sight of it. You know that happy feeling, right? Bliss.
    Your list sounds a lot like ours, I'm usually researching something though, on the laptop of a book, for next years planting and growing.
    We all need to take 5 sometimes and realise how hygge we have it :)

  3. Jon and are always saying, I love that fire or I love this oven (Rayburn) I've usually got a.book out panicking I've forgotten to plant something or I've done something wrong but I really feel I am learning lots for next year.x


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