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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Monday, 3 October 2016

Crikey - So Many Photos To Share!

Hi, one quick baking item and a couple of other photos to share. 

I made three ginger cakes on Friday as I didn't have the same sized tin as the recipe required, but this is ok as was easy to freeze when cut into good pieces for lunch boxes.

The piano we collected the other weekend is this and a corker for a tenner. Alfie loves it and he likes using the pedals.

I have bought a diary for the garden, fruit n veg dates, info etc but always have to papercraft a bit and decorate a plain cover. Here is is making use of some pages from one of my Pretty Nostalgic books.

Nice huh?

Anyhow, this weekend we've been getting a few things done outside as well as other stuff. 

On Saturday we headed to Aber to get the food shopping but not before Jon had been to the sawmill for a supply of logs, these are in Jon's shed drying out, and we lit the Rayburn to start getting used to it. 

When we came back my parcel I had been waiting for had arrived. I used some birthday money to buy some Kilner jars. I do consider these an investment for preserving food so very excited to have them even though won't use them for a little while yet so have found them a new home after a bit of a shift round.

Jon fitted a new present for the girls. We had stopped to get laying pellets and then Jon saw on offer a water feeder which is now hooked up to one of the water butts;  this will proivde them with fresh water each time the reservoir is empty. Jon buried the hose pipe underground...

then the ladies seemed happy!

On Sunday morning we lit the Rayburn again to slow cook some pork for tea. Jon got busy with the conservatory side of the house from where the oil tank had been removed. This is how it looks now, ready for the basket ball hoop that will probably arrive at Christmas, but we also plan on a little table and chairs for this spot! 

Another area around the house tidied up and ticked off the list.

Whilst Jon was on that I cleaned out the chickens and washed out some planters so they are clean in the Poly House for when I need them.

On Sunday we took a ride out to see a car Jon was interested in buying but it had been taken so we went into Aber for a walk on the seafront and a play on the arcade games. On the way back to the car we looked in this fabulous vintage shop which we found the other week. Great stock and not all massively expensive - I bought my teracotta plants pots from here. I had to take a few snaps of some things I liked.

I am desperate to get some taxidermy in the living room at some point; loved this hare with its horns!

Love this gas mask, complete with beret.

A fantastic array of vintage garden paraphernalia.

This chest caught my eye last time....

but this was new in and fab-u-larse, darling!

So to today. This morning I have sown some pak choi seeds. I have decided to germinate them on the bench and then put them in the bed in the Poly House in a couple of weeks. I know them can bolt if the weather is a bit warm so people grow them outside but now the weather is getting a little cooler I think they should be ok in there, unless anybody else has experience of growing the Chinese lettuce, I think that is another name for it?

I have picked my one and only pepper today. As you can see by the scale it isn't very big but I hope Jon enjoys it; I don't like green peppers.

I ate my lunch outside today, lovely, and Jake was soaking up the sun!

Not too busy a week coming up but we have a check up at the hospital for Jon on Wednesday; we are aranging for the boys to be watched so I can go with him; he always forgets to ask something!

Bye for now.



  1. The piano is a bargain, can see you all standing around it at christmas singing carols, I have a ton of pots to start washing, its rainy day job to do in the poly tunnel

    1. We won the Ebay bid at £4.50 but we thought we should give them £10. No chance of xmas spuds now as Charlies are not geting any in and do sign of any elsewhere.

  2. Hiya - sorry I've been MIA again, had a crazy busy week and trying to catch up with myself this week. Lovely photos and insight into your fantastic lives. The photos really bring it to life. Well done on your pepper! I have pak choi in the ground outside but I don't think it's germinated, maybe it was TOO cold now as we had a real cold snap here on Monday. xx

    1. No problem, chic. I thought I'd just put the pak choi inside and have done. It is lovely here at the moment but is getting a little colder in the mornings.x

  3. LOVE the cover of the book, powerful quotes.
    I know a young lady that has just started getting in to taxidermy, very interesting stuff. She has a shop for pinned butterflies and has just started working with small mammals if you wanted to pick something up for a reasonable price: https://www.facebook.com/TheButterflyEmporium1991


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