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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Beauty In Utility.

I have been introduced to a new gardening website, you know to order seeds and plants etc. but they have a nursery you can visit, too. Just because something is useful it doesn't mean it can't be pretty; Sarah Moore always says there should be beautiy in utility and I couldn't agree more.

My Go To Guide when it comes to the garden and lots of other stuff gave me the name of some very good pea seeds; I'm desperate to shell our own peas next year!

So I was directed to Victoriana Nursery and you can see what a gorgeous looking site it is. Sooo pretty and inviting.

As I showed in my other post I have bought these bean seeds. They are a favourite of the royals and are marketed as deliciously sweet and heavy producing.

The package is just darling, with the cutest design in the front. When you place your order they ask if you would like them to send you a growing guide or not, but they have everything on the website and there are details on the back of the seed packets, too. so why would you want to waste the paper? When you order something online it doesn't go in your basket it goes in your trug - sweet!

There is the Scarecrow Club which is a one off payment, not a yearly one, which gives you 15% off all orders. The money you pay for the club, £15, is used to assist with school gardening projects which I think it fantastic.

They don't bombard you with seed cataogues but give you the option of printing off or ordering information you really want to read.

I love the honesty of the site. They say this about the garden centre they own -

"We may close early if weather is grotty and miserable, or we 'haven't seen anyone all day' - so if you are journeying from afar and think you will be with us later in the day please call ahead and we will stay open.


Well, as usual, I have rambled on so will leave you to peruse this wonderful website on your own.

Bye for now.



  1. Thanks for sharing, I will go and check them out

  2. Yeah you got your peas, it is a lovely site with excellent customer service, another for you check out is www.realseeds.co.uk they are based in Wales,

    1. Yes, and I just love the packaging. Will take a look at the other website. Thanks as always.

  3. P.S. I tried following your blog, but it wouldn't appear on my dashboard. So, I'm following by e-mail ;)

  4. Oh wow - I LOVE this website and especially the packaging. Right up my street. Thanks for sharing, to Dawn too for realseeds.


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