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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Autumn All Around.

Yesterday I really began to feel that Autumn is properly here. The leaves are changing everywhere and the feel of life is changing, too.

I decided to take some photos which showed the season.

The Rayburn is lit daily now, and will soon be doing its thing 24/7, so the log basket is always full and the chopping of the logs is the boys job to do each day after school.

I always have a warm pan on the top of the stove at Christmas time which evokes the festive season and this has cranberries, cinnamon stick, orange, cloves in it and makes the kitchen and downstairs smell wonderful whilst I am busy doing all my Christmas preparation. Well, I did the same thing for Autumn yesterday; orange, apple, dried peach, star anise and cinnamon and it worked really well. Mmmm.

I roasted a butternut squash yesterday, too, and I just love the colour of the skin and the flesh. This will be made into a b.n.squash and lentil soup today.

The gifts of apples keep coming so some of these will go into a pudding for the weekend but I must get on with some apples sauce soon - but I just love the basket full sitting there!

Now we are fully paid up members of the Grow Your Own club a little time of the season is put aside for planning the the next year....

and some more new seeds arived yesterday, but more of that in another post.

In other news, I bought my new diary which I keep in my handbag. I have my household planner and my big calendar but my diary means I always have somewhere to scribble down a note or two. I normally buy a plain diary and then add my own style to it by covering it but I may keeo this pink one for a change.

Yet another baking request was Millionnaires Shortbread so I went ahead and gave it a go on Monday. Turned out quite well and Jon's eyes lit up when he saw it - not sure there will be any left when the boys get back.

On Tuesday Jon finished some re-jigging of Alfie's bedroom and so I took the opportunity to give it a complete top to bottom clean - it took me three hours and all there is left to do is go through toy boxes and DVD's he no longer wants. Of course I have to do Harry's room, too, but we are just giving his a move round and then it will get a big clean, too.

Oh the last thing I think is Bake Off. Really quite sad that tonight it will end as we know it, but as Mary Berry said this morning it has been seven fantastic series. At least to the very end it had the most viewers of any programme on the BBC and goes out being just fab. Can't wait for tonight!

Ramblings done!

Bye for now.



  1. Still catching up - I love this post, sounds like you and I were on similar thought process when I wrote my post on thinking ahead lol. It's so exciting isn't it? Who said Autumn and Winter needed to be boring! Dark nights means planning for next year.
    Smells can evoke lots of feelings and memories and you're creating that for the boys when they're older I bet....they'll be saying - "our house used to smell of *this* when I was young, Mam always made it feel cosy". Love it.
    Isn't it strange how the leaves seem to fall off the trees at their own rates. Some of ours are almost bare, others clinging on to them.

    1. I know what you mean about the leaves. I was hanhing out washing tjis morning and hears one solitary leaf drop but then you get a mountain sometimes if there is a gust. The weather here is piggin'amazing today. Fab. Gorgeous, soooo warm! Xx


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