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Spring Life In The Garden.

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Round-up Before The Weekend.

I really don't have much to ramble about at the moment. We are just recovering from Harry's birthday. On Monday I spent the day baking and sorting stuff. I made the cake the night before but this was the finished item with the edible topper which I ordered from the internet. After school he had three friends round which lead to much running up and down stairs, around the garden and finally some quiet when they had burgers, homemade lemonade and chocolate cake for tea.

That was Monday and since then have really not done much. Oh Harry came home from school on Monday with his cornet which is commencing lessons on next Monday. Cue practising with doors shut! Did I also say Alfie had his first piano lesson the Wednesday of last week. Well he did well and at his lesson last night the teacher was very happy with him. We have swapped his lesson to Sunday now as the Monday slot clashed with Jon getting home from work.

Oh, also on Monday I thought two of my corn cobs were ready. I did the test thing and they looked good so brought them in. 

But, you have to pull the leaves right the way down or all the way up or you don't see the kernels that are still white. I'll be leaving them a little longer I think!

Yesterday I nearly weeded nearly all the main veg patch and it is looking better. Didn't quite finish as it was sooo hot. I am still taking loads of flippin' caterpillas off the turnips and the odd one off the beetroot but I think I'm going to take them up next week - worried the actual veg will get eaten.

I really haven't done much today. Just a few jobs around the house. We have had a number of views on the room on Airbnb but no bookings as yet so keep fingers crossed they translate into customers.

Alfie and I have been watching some of the Paralympics. Has anybody seen The Last Leg In Rio? It is very funny, irreverent and funny.

Not sure of any plans for the weekend. My vouchers I won from Grow Your Own mag came at the weekend. I have a few ideas about a couple of things I think I may order but waiting until I have a visitor on Wednesday to help me make some decisions and use them wisely!

At the weekend my Father in Law brought me these fantastic hessian sacks he found for sale at a garden centre in Avergele. I think they are just fab. If anybody would like some they are £1 each and we can get some more when he is next at the caravan.

They are for keeping the veg, when I grow a decent amount, in the cellar cold room but I'm tempted to use the last one as a bolster cushion for one of the kitchen benches!

Must dash as the boys will be home soon.

Bye for now.



  1. I let the whiskery bits at the end turn black and dead before scraping back the leaves with a fingernail to see if the corn is very yellow inside. Most of mine did well but some didn't germinate properly. If the cob is little soft and squishy I class these as baby corn and chop of the squishy bits to use in casseroles or as a side of baby corn. None is wasted. Your 'whiskery bits' look quite white so wait a bit longer but let's hope for more sunshine to ripen them.

  2. Thank you for your advice. The tops are a lot darker now but I'm going to leave them until after the weekend.x To be honest I am about done with the warm weather. Really looking forward to the longer nights when I can light the fire, close the curtains and hunker down.x

  3. Learning all the time just like us - I think that will be the case forever :D x

  4. I think you will find the small white kernals are down to poor pollination, no matter how long you leave them they wont grow any more, your corn needs to be grown in a block and when the top ears are producing pollen go round and give them a little shake every day to distribute the pollen, its all trial and error you are doing just fine


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