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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Getting Ready For The New Season.

Today I have been getting some garden prep work done outside. The broccoli plants have completely gone to pot so this is how the patch looks now after I took them out, added some fresh compost and turned it over a bit. I don't know what to put there just now.

The chickens had a bit of a feast.

Talking of compost, my black bin is just about full so I need to get anther one from somewhere but also need to turn the current one out and give it a really good mix up. Thursday is supposed to be a sunny day so will try and do it then. Although I have a lot to do on Thursday and Friday ready for the show and the weekend in general because of family visiting and it being Harry's birthday next week; he just let us know this evening he would like three of his pals over on Monday for a bbq; my daily to do lists are getting bigger!

These are my turnips. which I think will leave for another week or so, whilst watching the caterpillers incase they move onto them from the broccoli! They are a bit bigger than a golf ball.

The onions are SOOO close and I can't wait to get them dried out - best we have a dry day in a week or so...

I have cleaned out the sink which the dwarf beans had been in and they, too, were given to the chooks. This is the sink which, in hindsight, I think was not the right thing for the beans as the roots were quite matted when I took out the compost. Too shallow I think, so I would like to get some pak choi in there once I check the sowing and growing details. Won't put fresh compost in until I know what I'm doing.

In the Poly House the tomaoes are doing well....

and there a few more growing at the top, too,

plusI took this from the cordon when pinching out and have planted it to grow on.

I cut a lettuce and picked some tomatoes for our salad this evening and seem to be doing not too bad with the lettuce sucession growing.

These are the dwarf beans I planted not that long ago and I can't believe how they have come on already! I swear they practically grow whilst you are looking at them.

The boys were back at school yesterday and came home with a bit of a prize haul from the Bont local show, whcih we didn't manage to get to. They both won a second prize in the handwriting class with a certificate and £1 prize money then Harry came fourth with his medal made in celebration of the Olympics whilst Alfie came second. Very chuffed with them both!

Tomorrow is a busy day for the boys as they both start back to swimming with school, Alfie has recorder at school and then his first piano lesson at 4.15pm. (I hope to change the time.) Alfie and I are very excited about the Paralympics starting in earnest on Thursday after the opening ceremony tomorrow evening.

Right, I think that is it for now. Just wanted to say thanks again for the kind comments on my anniversary post yesterday.

I tried to put a link from our room to let on here but have had difficulties with Airbnb. (If you feel like having a look it is described as a boutique garden chalet in Ceredigion.)

Bye for now.



  1. Keep the space free for your garlic that will be going in soon, I will be over in a fortnights time and we will draw up some plans :-)

    1. Eeek, very excited about getting organised, with your help!

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  3. In my gardeners world it says now is the time to plant strawbs for next year. I think you should have left them a bit longer as they were new. You could have made new plants from the runners. Put well rotted manure in the bed with compost and blood fish and bonemeal. Buy Albion or Sweetheart.

    1. Strawbs are still in their bed. I'm not bothering with them just now, more important things to get sorted.x


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